St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

END OF YEAR OBSERVATIONS: St Onge Recreation Super Stocks

From the first event in May to the very last feature in September, the season at Sunset Speedway was filled with a ton of highs, and a couple of lows, as the St. Onge Recreational Super Stocks put together one of the most competitive seasons to date.

While known as the By the Numbers piece in the past, this season will see a bit of a change in how it’s conducted. But here is your fabulous end of year review….

Sunset Speedway driver placed in the top-10 in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Standings Division II Standings – Jordan Howse in third.

feature wins for Coltin Everingham allowed him to prove to everybody just how much he was stepping up his game this year en route to finishing sixth in points – despite missing opening night.

2.41 was the best average feature finish of the season, set by Jordan Howse as the division champion.

top-fives for Dustyn Mombourquette allowed him to show his growth as a driver en route to placing seventh in the standings.

top-fives allowed Stefan Semeraro to finish 10th in the standings.

4.94 was the second-best feature finish of the season, set by Ryan Semple en route to a runner-up in points.

top-fives this season allowed Herb Walters to finish the season sitting fourth in points.

No. of Mike Weeda certainly ended his season on a high, as he won the season finale on September 16.

drivers scored more than 10 top-10’s in the 17 races this year.

feature events this season were competed in by Dan Archibald, and he made the most of those. He scored seven top-10’s, including a victory on June 24.

feature wins by Howse led all drivers this season. His domination shown through as he was one of two drivers to win multiple features this year. The other? Everingham with a pair.

drivers picked up victories in features this season, beating out last year’s mark of seven different winners.

12 top-10’s this year, including four top-fives, contributed greatly to Justin Holmes placing fourth in points.

13 drivers won a heat race this season.

14 feature top-fives by Howse led all drivers this season. Only he and Semple scored more than 10 – as Semple had 11.

16 heat wins by Howse led all drivers this season. It’s another one of those rare marks on the year, as once again, only he and Semple scored more than nine this season, as Semple had 14 total.

17 drivers scored at least one feature top-five this year.

17 top-10’s for both Howse and Semple mean neither driver placed outside of the top-10 once in 2017.

23 drivers scored at least one feature top-10 this year.

53 points separated Howse and Semple at the year-end.

No. 31 of Jade Franklin may not have had the year overall he had been hoping for, but he will always remember July 22 for his first career feature win.

No. 49 of Miles Tyson may have seen his season cut short with a blown motor, but he got himself his first career feature victory on June 10.

No. 52 of Brandon Passer may not have won a feature at Sunset en route to placing eighth in points, but he did win other places. He won an invitational at Sauble Speedway in August, and he won the b-main at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic.

No. 64 of Semple scored no finishes outside of the top-nine, and got himself a feature victory on August 5.

No. 67 of Gerritt Tiemersma continued the family winning legacy with a victory of his own on June 3, en route to placing ninth in points.

No. 76 of Chris Allard was the highest driver in points without a feature win this season – in third. Scoring five top-fives and 10 top-10’s this year would certainly make that possible.

No. 83 of Johnny Morrison had an up-and-down season with some frustrating moments, but he was able to snag a feature win on July 15.

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