Peterborough Speedway

Eric Yorke Scores Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock Feature Victory at Peterborough

Eric Yorke capped off his amazing season in style, scoring the victory in the Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock feature on Sunday at Peterborough Speedway.

Shawn Chenoweth won the first heat ahead of Jacob Robb, Nolan Gould, Miles Tyson, Craig Kamrath, Jason Legge, Trevor Hemingway, Thomas Dunn, and George Novis, with Novis going for a spin mid-race.

Terry Woodley edged out Willow Barberstock for the second qualifier victory, ahead of Kevin Strutt, the 97, Pat MacDonald, Ember Junkin, Chandler Bos, Noel Snow, Robert Greenfield, and Peter Wakeling.

Warren Paxton beat Eric Yorke by a bumper for the third heat ahead of Ryan Babin, Gil Brooks, the 03, and Dan Demers.

The fourth qualifier did not start out cleanly, with Novis spinning Hemingway on Lap 5, collecting Townsend in the process. Then on the restart, Kamrath and Robb tangled on the backstretch. Townsend edged-out Chenoweth for the win ahead of Gould, Tyson, Dunn, Legge, and Hemingway.

Pat MacDonald won the fifth heat ahead of Snow, Bos, Strutt, Woodley, Ty Seaboyer, the 97, Greenfield, Barberstock, and Junkin.

The sixth qualifier saw Brooks spin Cameron McGlashan on Lap 5. Warren Paxton won ahead of Yorke, Babin, Nick Clarke, Chris Allard, McGlashan, Bryan Sudsbury, Brooks, the 03, and Demers.

With more than 26 cars on the property, a b-main was run to set the back part of the field. Spencer-Walt jumped out to the early lead ahead of Sudsbury, Demers, Seaboyer, Novis and Wakeling.  The first caution would fly on Lap 3 for Wakeling spinning on the backstretch.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart while Seaboyer jumped up to second ahead of Sudsbury, McGlashan, Novis, and Demers.  Novis would then get by McGlashan for fourth on Lap 6, continuing to move forward. On Lap 6, the second caution came out for Novis losing a tire while Seaboyer spun and made contact with the frontstretch wall.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart as McGlashan jumped up to second ahead of Sudsbury, but the caution came back out on Lap  9 for Demers spinning Wakeling.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart as McGlashan slowed, eventually making his way down pit road with a blown motor. Sudsbury and Seaboyer would battle side-by-side for second, with Seaboyer getting the spot on Lap 10. Sudsbury challenged him back, though, passing him three laps later. Behind them, Wakeling and Demers battled for fourth, with Demers spinning Wakeling with two laps to go.

Rick Spencer-Walt got the win ahead of Bryan Sudsbury, Tyler Seaboyer, and Dan Demers. Peter Wakeling, Cameron McGlashan, and George Novis failed to qualify.

Come time for the main event, things got off to a rocky start. Contact on the first lap saw both Ryan Babin and Nick Clarke climb the backstretch wall, with Clarke flipping over onto his roof. He would be okay, but his race was over early.

The second attempt to get started went smoother with Noel Snow leading as Warren Paxton and Kevin Strutt ran side-by-side for second. Paxton got the spot on Lap 2 ahead of Strutt with Eric Yorke up to fourth ahead of Shawn Chenoweth, Terry Woodley, Ken Townsend, Nolan Gould, Miles Tyson, and Jacob Robb. A pair of the b-main qualifiers ran into problems early as Rick Spencer-Walt slowed on Lap 4, followed by Tyler Seaboyer a lap later.

Snow continued to lead at the front of the field as Yorke made his way by Paxton on Lap 7 for second. Chenoweth moved up to fourth ahead of Woodley with Strutt back to sixth ahead of Gould, Tyson, and Robb. The second caution came out on Lap 10 for Paxton smoking.

Eric Yorke got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Snow and Chenoweth, but the caution came back out for Allard slowing on the backstretch. With 40 laps to go, Yorke led Snow, Chenoweth, Strutt, Woodley, Tyson, Gould, Robb, Townsend, the 07, Gil Brooks, Craig Kamrath, Jason Legge, Bryan Sudsbury, Thomas Dunn, Robert Greenfield, Babin, the 03, Willow Barberstock, Trevor Hemingway, Chandler Bos, Tyler Seaboyer and Chris Allard.

The restart would not go cleanly, as contact off of turn four resulted in Ken Townsend catching the backstretch wall, and flipping over five times, collecting Bos, Hemingway, Robb, and MacDonald in the process. All drivers involved were okay, and the race would restart after a lengthy clean-up. It didn’t take long for the yellow flag to come back out, though, as Demers slowed right after the restart.

With the length of the cautions and clean-up, the laps under yellow would be counted from here on out. The restart came at Lap 18, with Yorke leading Townsend, Strutt, Gould, Chenoweth, Tyson and Brooks, as Woodley battled Legge for eighth ahead of Kamrath, the 07, Sudsbury, and Barberstock.

Strutt would then pass Snow for second on Lap 24, with Legge and Kamrath side-by-side for eighth ahead of Woodley one lap later. Kamrath got the spot with 23 laps to go ahead of Legge and Woodley.

With 28 laps on the board, Yorke led Strutt, Snow, Chenoweth, Gould, Tyson, Brooks and Kamrath, as Woodley and Legge ran side-by-side for ninth. Woodley got the spot on Lap 31, bringing Sudsbury through with him as Allard challenged next.

Kamrath would then get by Brooks for seventh at Lap 36, as Allard cleared Legge two laps later. Allard continued to move forward, passing Sudsbury for ninth as Sudsbury headed down pit road at Lap 40. The shuffling continued with Kamrath passing Tyson for sixth with two laps to go.

Eric Yorke led the rest of the way en route to victory ahead of Noel Snow who made the last race pass on Kevin Strutt for second. Shawn Chenoweth finished fourth, followed by Nolan Gould, Craig Kamrath, Miles Tyson, Gil Brooks, Chris Allard, Jason Legge, the 97, and Dunn.

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