Peterborough Speedway

Gerrit Tiemersma Scores APC Auto Parts Thunder Car Youngguns Showcase Victory

For the first time in the history of the event, someone not named Lane Zardo picked up the victory, as it was Gerrit Tiemersma winning the APC Auto Parts Thunder Car Youngguns Showcase this year.

Starting on pole, Tiemersma did not look back as he quickly jumped out to a sizable lead, and with no cautions easily drove away from the field.

Treyten Lapcevich finished second after working his way through traffic from fifth to the runner-up spot before halfway. While he closed the gap somewhat to Tiemersma, a combination of lack of time and lap traffic saw him come up short.

Carson Nagy finished third, while Lane Zardo drove Ken Grubb’s thunder car from the back of the pack to fourth. Bailey Jacobs placed fifth, followed by Brandon Passer, Chris Allard, and Nick Tooley.

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