Press Release

Robbie Sikes Comes Through B-Main For Top-15 Finish

Continuing to gain speed throughout the weekend, Robbie Sikes finished off the Velocity 250 at Sunset Speedway with a top-15 finish.

Sikes began the weekend by placing ninth in his first qualifying heat, followed by an eighth in his second heat. With those finishes, he was forced to run the Last Chance Qualifier on Sunday afternoon, finishing sixth to transfer to the main event.

Starting the feature from 24th, he missed the first two wrecks to begin the event to move up to 21st by the third caution at Lap 3. He continued avoiding the incidents while making some passes, and found himself up to 14th by the fifth caution at Lap 10.

Another couple incidents, and by the seventh caution at Lap 20, he was up to 12th. He would drop back to 13th after the restart, but made a pass in the late stages to cross the finish line in 12th.

The team walks away with smiles on their faces, knowing the progress that they’ve made not only this weekend, but throughout the entire season since bringing out their new piece. Despite a rough start this year, Sikes is able to walk away with seven top-15 finishes.

The Hillbilly Deluxe Racing team is proud to be supported by Lloyds Haulage, Duivenvoorden Haulage, Nitro Industrial, Polished Automotive, ORV Auto, Southview Too, Kings Marine, Bromley Automotive, Jaded Motorsports, Ernie’s Performance, Walt Fab, and Serem Renovations this season.

Be sure to keep tabs on Sikes all season long by liking the Hillbilly Deluxe Racing facebook page at, following him on twitter at, and following him on Instagram at


Press Release by: Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing –


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