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Tyler Roahrig Leads Flag-to-Flag at Rankin Construction Summer Shootout

Starting on pole, there was no holding Tyler Roahrig back as he led flag-to-flag en route to scoring the Rankin Construction Summer Shootout Outlaw Super Late Model feature victory at Jukasa Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Following Saturday’s qualifying session, Tyler Roahrig started first ahead of Pete Shepherd, Brandon Watson, Phil Bozell, and Glenn Watson. Sean Grosman started sixth, followed by Matt Pritiko, John Cadman, Andrew Gresel, and Gary Passer. Jesse Kennedy started 11th, followed by Dennis Rederstorf, Charlie Gallant, Tyler Liscum, and Terry Baker. Trevor Mornaghan started 16th, followed by Adrian Foster, Scott Mackenzie, Derrick Tiemersma, Jim Bowman, and Dario Capirchio.

Roahrig would jump out to the early lead ahead of Watson and Shepherd, but the caution would fly for Bowman wrecking in turn one.

The second attempt would go clean and green, with Roahrig jumping out to the early advantage ahead of Brandon Watson, Shepherd, Bozell, Glenn Watson, Grosman, Pritiko, Gresel, and Cadman. Gary Passer ran 10th ahead of Rederstorf, Liscum, Tiemersma, Gallant, and Baker. Unfortunately, Passer’s run came to an end early, as he headed to pit road with mechanical problems on Lap 6. This allowed each of those behind him to move up a spot each, with Mornaghan now 15th, until he began to slow a little on Lap 10. Both Foster and Rederstorf made their way to gain a position each.

The leaders quickly found themselves in lap traffic, which began to play havoc with the field. Brandon Watson had an issue clearing Mackenzie smoothly, which allowed Shepherd to sneak by, grabbing the runner-up spot behind Roahrig on Lap 13. Bozell would get by Watson for third, with Glenn Watson, Grosman and Gresel following suit over the next four laps.

With 19 laps on the board, Roahrig continued to lead now ahead of Shepherd, Bozell, Glenn Watson and Grosman, as Gresel and Pritiko were side-by-side for sixth. Gresel got the spot on Lap 21 ahead of Pritiko, with Watson now back to eighth ahead of Cadman, Liscum, Rederstorf, and Tiemersma. The second caution of the event then flew on Lap 22 for Mackenzie going around in turn four, allowing Rederstorf to get the lucky dog.

Roahrig got a good restart with Bozell moving up to second ahead of Shepherd, Glenn Watson, Gresel, Grosman, Pritiko, Cadman, Liscum, Brandon Watson, and Rederstorf. Brandon fell back once again, as he was passed by Rederstorf on Lap 27 for 10th.

The race wouldn’t go green from here, though, with the third caution at Lap 30 for Gallant spinning off turn two, allowing Tiemersma to get the lucky dog.  With 46 laps to go, Roahrig led Bozell, Shepherd, Glenn Watson, Gresel, Grosman, Pritiko, Cadman, Tiemersma, Rederstorf, and Brandon Watson. Adrian Foster ran as the first car one lap down in 12th ahead of Baker, Gallant, Capirchio, and the 28.

Roahrig got another good restart ahead of Bozell and Shepherd, with Gresel getting alongside Glenn Watson for fourth. Gresel got the spot on Lap 31 ahead of Watson, with Cadman up to sixth ahead of Pritiko, Grosman, Liscum, Rederstorf, Foster, Baker, and Gallant.

With 39 laps on the board, Roahrig continued to lead ahead of Bozell, Shepherd, Gresel, Glenn Watson, Brandon Watson, Cadman, Grosman, Liscum, Rederstorf, Foster, Baker, Gallant, Mornaghan, the 28, and Capirchio. Unfortunately, Mornaghan ran into more problems as he slowed once again on Lap 47. Brandon Watson continued to make a recovery after falling back early, passing Glenn Watson for fifth a lap later.

The second half of the event would include some hairy moments, including the leaders splitting the lap car through traffic. Through everything, Tyler Roahrig remained untouched as he led flag-to-flag en route to victory.

“It’s definitely cool to get to win the first time since this place has re-opened,” Roahrig told Short Track Musings. “Beautiful facility, capacity crowd – that’s what racers like to see. Just a good day. Me and my buddy Phil Bozell finished first and second. I grew up racing with him, kind of cut my teeth against him and his dad Andy, and they’re each great racers. It’s really cool for me and him to come up here and finish first and second. I’m pretty proud of that.”

The victory ended a solid trip to Canada for Roahrig on a positive, after scoring a third-place finish at Flamboro Speedway’s Gold Rush.

“The Gold Rush went pretty good,” he said. “I just didn’t have quite enough to win there. We got third in that one, so it wasn’t bad. We come here to win, but I was still happy with third. Yesterday, I was fastest in every practice, and then we go to qualify, and qualified fourth. I was pretty disappointed, pretty down, and pretty nervous about how the race was going to play out. But I don’t think my car slowed down as much, and we ended up winning the race.

“So kind of definitely some highs and lows the whole weekend, but overall, I had a blast in Canada. This is my first time out of the States. I hung out with Junior Hanley all week. I’ve known him since I was a kid, so that was probably the coolest part of this whole trip.”

Phil Bozell finished second, followed by Pete Shepherd, Andrew Gresel, and Glenn Watson. Brandon Watson finished sixth, followed by John Cadman, Sean Grosman, Tyler Liscum, and Dennis Rederstorf.


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