Delaware Speedway

Mark Sammut Wins at Home


The ISMA Supermodifieds, the World’s most powerful short track cars, made their annual trip North to Delaware Speedway for the only Canadian stop in 2017 on August 19th. The winged warriors did battle in their 800+ horsepower machines for 75 laps around the half mile with support from the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds and the Open Wheel Modifieds.

The first competition on the evening was the ground pounding ISMA Supermodifieds with single car qualifying as they worked to set a new benchmark track record at Delaware Speedway and chase the all time track record currently held by an Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint, which clocked in at 15.682 seconds. The fast time was set by the #25 of Dan Bowes with a time of 16.087. Mike McVetta qualified second fastest with Jon McKennedy clocking in third fastest.

A group qualifying session for the Open Wheel modifies set their starting lineup for the evening with championship points on the line for the drivers. The session was topped by the #1 of Barry Newman with a 19.592. Newman entered the night as the current points leader in the Open Wheel Modifieds and added a little extra cushion with his fast time.

The racing portion of the evening got started on a high note with the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds as they ran their first of two 20 lap main events. Jermey Barton and Jason Bowden led the field to the green flag for the event with a full field behind. Barton jumped to the early lead as the drivers tucked in line and began to race.  The #15 of TJ Marshall went 3 wide early in the race into turn 3 with Jason Keen and Mike Podd in between. Marshal took the lead on lap 3 with the Keen following close behind. Jason Bowden went around in turn 2 on lap 8, re-racking the field for a restart. Jason Keen made a pass early on the restart for the top position and worked to hold the spot. Marshall pressured Keen as the laps wound down but ran out of time in the end ad Keen went on to victory, followed by Marshall and Trendell.

ISMA Supermodified 10 lap heat races were next on the itinerary for the evening as drivers took to the track to fight for starting spots later in the night. Rich Reid and local driver Mark Sammut led the field to the green flag with Sammut taking the lead early. Reed lost a few places to the 84 of Lichty and 11 of Perly on lap 5 and slid back in the field. Mark Sammut would go on to win with a healthy lead in the 1st heat race followed by Kyle Edwards and Mike McVetta.

The second ISMA heat race was up next with Moe Lilje and Michael Muldoon leading the field to the green flag. Muldoon jumped to the early lead with the 97 of Timmy Jedrzejek and 19 of Trent Stephens following close behind. As the laps wound down the top 3 separated themselves from the field and worked amongst themselves. The drivers would stay single file until the finish with the 15 of Michael Muldoon car taking the checkered flag followed by Jedrzejek and Stephens.

After a brief break in the action for the Delaware Speedway safety crew to look over the racing surface the Open Wheel Modifieds returned to the track to run their 25 lap feature race. Jeff Ruddy and Justin Demelo led the field to the green flag. Demelo passed for the lead on the high side out of 2 on the start and kept the rest of the drivers close behind. Barry Newman passed Ruddy and was trying to make up ground on the 82 of Demelo early in the race. Barry Newman began pressuring the Demelo for the race lead shortly after moving into the 2nd spot. The front two appeared locked together for the laps to come as they battled hard for the race lead. Demelo finally made a mistake and slid up the track going into 1 and Newman was quick to answer the call and was able to take full advantage and move into the top spot. Demelo closed the gap and challenged Newman for the top spot on the closing laps of the race before the #90 car of Mike Hamacher spun out on lap 19 bringing out the caution. on the restart Demelo and Newman battled side by side for the lead. Newman fought hard and was able to get to the inside of Demelo and retake the lead with laps winding down. Barry Newman went on to win followed close by Justin Demelo and Jeff Ruddy.

The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds second and final 20 lap feature race was the final event of the night before the $10,000 to win race for the ISMA Supermodifieds. Jeremy Barton and Jason Bowden led the field to the green flag. Barton jumped out to the early lead as once again drivers fell into line and developed battles. Barton and Keen got together early in the race in turn 2 but things stayed green and both continued. 1 lap later the 00 of Jason Bowden hit the outside wall and the caution flag came out. Steve Trendell and Mike Podd restarted the race on lap 2 from the front row. Trendell took sole possession of the lead and the 18 of Keen moved up into 2nd and started applying pressure for the lead. Jason Bowden spun in turn 2 on lap 11 bringing out the 2nd caution of the race. Steve Trendell and Jason keen started up front for the next restart as the laps were ticking away. Steve Trendell took the lead and the TJ Marshall followed as Jason Keen got loose out of 2 on the restart. With just a handful of laps left the 18 of Jason Keen tried to find a hole under Marshall but could not make the pass. Steve Trendell went on to the victory followed by TJ Marshall and Jason Keen.

After the winged ISMA Supermodifieds warriors strapped into they steel chariots it was time to do battle for 75 laps. With $10,000 on the line the field roared to life off of turn 4 and the earth shook beneath as race fans looked on with amazement. Moe Lilje and Dan Bowes led the group of 14 to the green flag as night fell on the Delaware half mile. Bowes took the early lead followed closely by the 11 of Chris Perley and the 22 of Mike McVetta. On lap 3, Dave McKnight, Michael Muldoon and Ryan Litt tangled, bringing out the races first caution.

As the field lined up single file for the restart they were brought back to life once again off of turn 4. Dan Bowes led the field to the green followed by Chris Perley and Mike McVetta. Mike McVetta made a pass for the lead out of turn 2 early in the race over the #25 Dan Bowes machine. The top 2 cars stretched their lead over the rest of the field Jon McKennedy, Timmy Jedrzejek, Kyle Edwards and Mike Lichty battled for positions 7-10 as lap 25 approached.

Mark Sammut was able to power his way to the lead on lap 30 with an inside line pass on McVetta. On lap 45 the McVetta machine began to reapply the pressure on Sammut for multiple laps as they approached lap traffic ahead. Mark Sammut was able to maintain the top spot as the two worked their way around the track in excess of 100+ MPH. Trent Stephens #19 car slowed to a stop in turn 3, bringing out the 2nd caution on lap 64. Mark Sammut and Mike McVetta lead the field to the great flag after the caution flag. McVetta kept trying to find away to close the gap on the 78 of Sammut as the laps wound down, however remained unsuccessful. With 5 laps to go, McVetta gave it everything he had to get the lead but was unable to do so as London, Ontario driver Mark Sammut went on to win his first race at his home track of Delaware Speedway. Mike McVetta, Dan Bowes, Mike Lichty, and Timmy Jedrzejek rounded out the top 5 finishing positions.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Friday, August 25th for Emergency Services Night. The Ground Master Super Stocks, TransAxle V8 Stocks and Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks will be racing in twin 25-lap feature events with King of the Hill Spectators Race capping off the month of August. The event gets started at 7:30pm with advance tickets remaining available on


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