Jordan Howse Sweeps Super Stock Features at Sunset Speedway

(C)Eric Uprichard | Sunset Speedway

A pair of features didn’t cause a problem for current St. Onge Recreation Super Stock points leader Jordan Howse at Sunset Speedway, as he scored the victory in both events.

Earlier this season in June, the Super Stocks were able to get their four qualifying heats in the books, but the feature was not run prior to rain falling. After much discussion, race officials decided on this past weekend being the make-up date for the event.

The first feature of the pair ran fairly clean, with Jordan Howse making his way to the front after starting 16th to pick up the victory. It marked his fourth feature victory and eighth top-five of 2017. Notably, Howse has yet to place outside of the top-six all season this year.

The night was filled with drivers making their way from the back, as Ryan Semple finished second after starting 17th for his sixth top-five of 2017. Despite facing adversity at times throughout the year, Semple has been consistent with no finishes outside of the top-nine to keep himself within striking distance of Howse in the standings.

Coltin Everingham placed third for his seventh top-five and fifth straight since scoring the victory on July 1.

Dustyn Mombourquette finished for his second top-five of the year. If you’re looking at drivers to score their first career win next, Mombourquette could be the driver to watch as he’s ran up front each week, leading laps on a couple different occasions. However, his finishes haven’t shown these performances as a result of ending up in a couple different incidents.

Justin Holmes rounded out the top-five for his second top-five of the season. He’s another driver that has shown speed throughout the year, now posting five straight top-10’s with two top-fives after a tough stretch through May and June.

Chris Allard finished sixth for his fifth top-10, followed by Jade Franklin in seventh for his sixth top-10. Mike Weeda placed eighth for his ninth top-10, followed by Johnny Morrison in ninth for his sixth top-10. Robbie Sikes rounded out the top-10 with his first top-10 of 2017.

Herb Walters finished 11th, followed by Gerrit Tiemersma, Joe Daley, Frank Davey, Brandon Passer and Ethan Constable.

Shifting towards the current night of action, Mike Weeda picked up his sixth heat victory ahead of Everingham, Allard, Morrison, Walters, Holmes, Davey, Daley and Constable.

Jordan Howse picked up his 10th heat victory ahead of Semple, Passer, Semeraro, Franklin, Tiemersma, Sikes and Mombourquette.

Justin Holmes scored his first heat victory of 2017 ahead of Allard, Morrison, Constable, Weeda, Everingham, Walters, Davey and Daley.

Ryan Semple got his ninth heat win ahead of Howse, Mombourquette, Semeraro, Franklin, Passer and Sikes.

The second feature would not run as clean as the first, with a couple incidents throughout. Ethan Constable suffered another early night this year, with heavy front-end damage sustained in a frontstretch crash. Another stack-up on the frontstretch resulted in damage for Semple, Walters and Mombourquette as they got caught up together.

While chaos happened at every turn, it was the same story at the front of the field. Jordan Howse once again worked his way through the traffic to pick up the victory, marking his fifth feature victory and ninth top-five of 2017.

Justin Holmes finished second for his second runner-up and third top-five of the season. Notably, he could be on the right track to end his season on a high after having now posted six straight top-10’s, highlighted by those three top-fives.

Johnny Morrison finished third for his fifth top-five of 2017, as he looks to close out the year well. Since missing Canada Day race night, he has placed in the top-nine in the five events, with just one finish off the podium.

Chris Allard finished fourth for his third top-five of 2017. It was nice to see him finish sixth and fourth in these pair of feature as July 22 did not go as he anticipated, with a 22nd-place finish.

Mike Weeda rounded out the top-five for just his second top-five of 2017, and his first since placing third on opening night. He was one of the drivers originally put on the list to watch this season, but incidents throughout the year have seen him finish deeper than he’s performed.

Stefan Semeraro finished sixth running Jordan Lawrence’s car as his own is currently still being repaired following a very heavy crash on July 22. It marked his sixth top-10 of 2017. Ryan Semple rebounded from the incident to finish seventh for his 11th top-10, followed by Jade Franklin in eighth for his seventh top-10. Coltin Everingham finished ninth for his eighth top-10, with Dustyn Mombourquette 10th with his sixth top-10.

Brandon Passer finished 11th after starting pole, ahead of Joe Daley, Herb Walters, Frank Davey, Robbie Sikes and Ethan Constable.


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