Race Reports

Sean Grosman and John Cadman Split Features at Sunset Speedway

This past Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, a pair of drivers were able to pick up their first career Fast Eddie Super Late Model feature victories.

Starting up front in the first feature, Sean Grosman took the early lead and never looked back, holding off a hard charging Kelly Balson through the middle portion, and in the late stages to pick up his first career victory.

“I love coming to Sunset as it’s my home track, and my guys worked unbelievably hard this week on the racecar,” Grosman told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We swapped motors and exhausts, so have to thank AP Engines. They gave us a motor basically three days ago and the guys didn’t stop. I think they got 80 hours into the car – Graham Flett, Bill, Ryan, Graham Annis. These guys didn’t stop till they got the motor in; I mean, they slept at the shop. I love Sunset and think the supers put on a great show here, and I think the future for supers here is great.”

Derrick Tiemersma finished third, followed by Paul Howse and John Cadman. Ian Bourque placed sixth, followed by Brad Corcoran, Gary Passer, Dario Capirchio and Adrian Foster. Glenn Watson unfortunately rounded out the field after showing speed early, due to heading down pit road on Lap 22 with a mechanical issue.

With the lead lap cars inverted for the second feature, it did not start off as planned as three-wide going into turn one resulted in a flat tire for Howse, as well as damage for Balson. Cadman, who started the event in fifth, was able to make his way to the front, taking the lead prior to the halfway point and driving away from the pack en route to his first career victory.

“It was awesome,” Cadman told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We’ve waited quite awhile for this opportunity and had a few seconds this year, and a third, and been all over it. Just haven’t been able to get it done and we came up here and tested a week ago and I think it paid off tonight.”

Tiemersma finished second, followed by Balson, Grosman, Passer, Capirchio, Bourque, Foster, Howse and Corcoran.

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