Tyler Betts Looking to Extend Early Points Advantage at Peterborough Speedway

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Spence

So far this year at Peterborough Speedway, Tyler Betts is off to a great start as he will enter the fourth night of competition as the points leader, nine markers ahead of Dan McHattie.

“So far the season has started out well,” Betts said. “J.P. has done a great job filling the stands and racing in front of the crowd makes it that much more enjoyable. The season has started out well for us taking the feature win home the first night. The second night wasn’t as great after hard contact with the wall. As for the third night, I was able to bring a second feature win home which I have never been able to get two features in one season.”

As noted, he has been impressive in the features, and while also backing up that performance in the heats as he is currently the only other driver to have won more than one qualifier this season to date. Notably, Betts has the best average of drivers that have ran all the races at 2.17. With having achieved his goal of winning multiple features in a year, he says the focus is just continuing the success through the summer months.

“I am looking to now try and bring a few more home,” he added. “I always have the championship in the back of my mind but if I keep going to the track with a car prepared to win the championship will just fall in place if we are successful week to week.”

Of course, it won’t be easy to score another feature victory with the amount of talent currently at Peterborough, including the likes of McHattie, Chris Mitchell, and Bryan Mercer.

“When people think of Peterborough Speedway, they sometimes don’t consider the competition to be as elite as some other track,” he said. “But to keep in mind so far this year past Peterborough speedway racers that we have successfully raced against in the past have been doing very well at other tracks. With guys like Rick Walt and Ryan Kimball already picking up multiple feature wins at Sunset (Speedway) and the latest with Chris Mitchell placing very well at the last APC race. Not to ever forget multiple track champion Dan McHattie. With that being said, yes Peterborough might not have as deep of field every Saturday night, but the guys that come out and race with us are up there or are the best in the business.”

For Betts, he got his start behind the wheel after helping his father with a late model at Mosport.

“After many years of helping and working on them I got to take over the late model program in 2010 or 2011 I think it was,” he said.

Since then, Betts has been getting stronger each year, now becoming one of the drivers to watch on a weekly basis at the patch. His most memorable moment through those years was when he debuted the car he’s currently driving three seasons ago.

“We made major changes in the off season acquiring a new to us car,” he said. “We worked really hard on our program that winter and it was rewarded the first night out when I picked up my first ever feature win in a late model. I had visited victory lane many times before supporting friends that had won features in the lower classes but having everyone come down to support me was pretty bitter sweet.”


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