By Ryan Dyson


After a historic NASCAR Pinty’s Series weekend, the local weekly racing program resumed on June 9th with the Ground Masters Super Stocks, TransAxle V8 Stocks, and Fire & iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks.

The evening’s events got started with Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stock group qualifying, which saw Steve Lovie break his current track record, recording a 23.634. Derek Moesker, Bill Brekelmans, Matt Langford, and Nathan Hawkins rounded out the top 5 qualifiers in the 10 minute session.

The TransAxle V8 Stocks took to the half-mile for their 3 minute group qualifying session to kick-off the evenings action. Nathan Taback set quick time with a 22.048 over Barry Watson and Kyle Mezenberg. Ground Masters Super Stock qualifying was up next on the event itinerary, with David McCullough taking top spot over Andrew Ferreira and Matt Robblee. Devin Jarvis jumped to 4th fastest in the dying seconds of the session with Jake Sheridan rounding out the top 5. Fast time in the session was a 20.816, just about 2 tenths off of the current track record.

The first feature race of the night was for the TransAxle V8 Stocks and was a 25 lap event with Jeremy Taggart starting on the pole beside Kyle Mezenberg. Barry Watson would take over the race lead with a high side pass on lap 3. Mezenberg went around while making a pass for 2nd on lap 5, resulting in the first caution flag of the night. On the restart Taggart took the lead back, however it was short lived as Watson went by on the high side once again a lap later. The caution flag came out again on lap 8 when Manny Ferreira and Shawn Fucile got together. Both cars entered the infield, the #8 of Ferreira with significant front wheel damage. Taggart assumed the lead once again on the restart before Watson used the inside to advance back to the point, allowing Nathan Taback to follow through for 2nd. Watson would go on to keep his undefeated streak alive over Nathan Taback and Jeremy Taggart.

The first of two Ground Masters Super Stock features began with Matt Robblee on pole alongside Andrew Ferreira. Matt Robblee would hold the top spot early in the race as Andrew Ferreira challenged from behind, with David McCullough trailing in 3rd. There was a change for the lead on lap 13 as Davi d McCullough used the very low line in turn 3 and 4, and immediately pulled away. Between laps 16 and 20 Andrew Ferreira and Gary Adriaensen traded bump and runs and and swapped the 5th position numerous times, as Devin Jarvis looked on from behind. There was disaster on lap 21 when Brittany Beatty and Derek McCullough made contact and  spun into turn 1. Shawn Hewitt spun to miss the crash as Darrell Lake did so also, however Lake’s #77 slid backwards into the side of Hewitt’s #3. The hit was hard and caused significant damage to both cars. Somehow all but Hewitt were able to return to competition for the final 4 laps. The restart was frantic, however David McCullough would hold off Robblee for his second straight win. Andrew Ferreira  finished 3rd, Gary Adriaensen 4th and Jake Sheridan 5th.

The first round of feature races was wrapped up with the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks and their 25 lap event, which stated with Matt Langford and Bill Brekelmans on the front row. Brekelmans jumped to the early lead before Steve Lovie took over the position just 4 laps into the race. The field was racing very hard going 4 and even 5 wide at times. On lap 11, Chris Radder went around on the back straightaway and hit the inside wall very hard, bringing the #31 machine to a dead stop. On lap 13 the caution flag came out once again as Don Hamilton went up the track and hit the turn 2 wall hard. At the time of the caution Lovie remained up front with Moesker in 2nd and Brekelmans 3rd. After the caution the race would go clean with awesome battles through the field. The battle for 5th place raged on as Ron Proulx, Matt Langford and Jordan Morris battled. In the end it would be Steve Lovie emerging with the win over Bill Brekelmans and Derek Moesker.

The TransAxle V8 Stocks took to the track for their 2nd feature race with Nick Ramsay and Jordan Morris on the front row. Jordan Morris jumped to the top position right away after a great side by side battle with Ramsay, before Barry  Watson made the move on lap 6 and checked out.   Nathan Taback and Kyle Mezenberg advanced past the #73 Morris machine on lap 10 and began to reel in the #45 of Watson. The battle for 2nd heated up by 10 laps to go as Mezenberg began pressuring. On lap 17 Jordan Morris had an issue on the back straightaway and made very hard contact with the inside wall, destroying the #73 machine. The restart would allow Taback to challenge briefly, but it wasn’t enough as Barry Watson checked out once again for the victory. Taback would hold on for 2nd with Kyle Mezenberg rounding out the top 3.

Paul Fothergill and Brittany Beatty led the Ground Masters Super Stocks to the green flag for their 2nd 25 lap feature race with a hungry field charging from behind. The start saw the entire outside line stack up as the leaders tangled, resulting in a massive crash. Fortunately most damage in the incident was minimal and all continued except Jake Sheridan, the points leader, who was forced to withdraw. After the restart it was Jamie Klumper emerging as the race leader with the battles through the field getting heated. On lap 6 Darrell Lake snuck by Klumper for the top position and attempted to distance himself. While racing for the 5th position, David McCullough had a tire go down leaving a trail of sparks behind him entering turn 1, the caution came out as a result of this, setting up for a mad dash to the finish with only 50% of the race completed. Brittany Beatty spun off of turn 4 on lap 14, forcing the yellow flag to be displayed. After the restart Darrell Lake would hold off charges from behind as drivers were racing with an abnormal amount of aggression. David McCullough was able to drive back through the field for a runner up finish ahead of Andrew Ferreira, Gary Adriaensen and Matt Robblee.

Pam Mitchell and Shane Gibson led the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks to the lead for the final feature race of the night, a 25 lap event. Jay Chappell bypassed the front two to lead the opening handful of laps before Derek Moesker made his move on lap 6. By the halfway point the battle for the race lead heated up as Steve Lovie muscled his way around and  to the point on lap 13. Lap 17 saw a major crash as Shane Gibson was turned down the back straightaway and hit hard by Curtis Shildrick, also collecting Jason Moekser as he piled in with nowhere to go. Moesker gained the lead on the restart but it was short lived as Lovie assumed the position once again just a few laps later. Lovie would go on to sweep the night with Moesker finishing 2nd and Bill Brekelmans 3rd. Steve Lovie was issued a full disqualification after declining a claim post race.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Friday, June 16th with weekly championship racing continuing. The Ground Masters Super Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks and Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks will take to the track for double features with the action starting at 7:30pm. Event tickets can be purchased in advance on http://www.delawarespeedway.com


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