Race Reports

Ken Grubb Top Super Stock Qualifier at Spring Velocity

In a sea full of Sunset Speedway cars, it’d be an out-of-town driver as the top qualifier for the Spring Velocity, with 2016 Sauble Speedway Thunder Car Champion Ken Grubb grabbing the honor.

The first heat started off a little messy with Chris Allard spinning on Lap 4 in turn two. Delaware Speedway regular Kris Lawrence picked up the victory ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Johnny Morrison, Miles Tyson, Frank Davey, Allard and Kyle Passer. Passer was having mechanical issues, heading down pit road with two laps to go.

Ken Grubb won the second heat ahead of Coltin Everingham, Jordan Howse, Kenny McNicol Jr., and Jaymee Adams.  Notably, Stefan Semeraro broke on Lap 1.

2015 Frostoberfest Champion Miles Tyson won the third heat ahead of Morrison, Lawrence, Tiemersma, Davey and Allard.

The afternoon ended messy with contact with two laps to go between Adams and Everingham, ending Everingham’s race early.  Sunset Speedway Super Stock Points Leader Jordan Howse grabbed the win ahead of Grubb, McNicoll and Adams.

As noted, Grubb is the top-qualifier with an average finish of 1.5. Seeing him perform well at Sunset Speedway is no surprise, as he won a feature last year and has been a known front runner at previous Velocities. With a win and third each,  Kris Lawrence and  Jordan Howse tied for second (2), as Johnny Morrison and Miles Tyson tied for fourth (2.5). Gerritt Tiemesrma sits sixth on the board, followed  by Coltin Everingham, Kenny McNicol Jr., Jaymee Adams, Chris Allard, Kyle Larson and Stefan Semeraro.

With rain in the forecast, Sunset Speedway officials made the decision to postpone the features from Sunday to Monday afternoon. So be sure to head out on Victoria Day and enjoy some great racing.

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