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Rick Spencer-Walt Becomes Fourth Straight Different Feature Winner at Sunset Speedway

Over the past couple years, Rick Spencer-Walt had come close to cracking Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Model victory lane at Sunset Speedway, but always just fell shy.  That tune changed on Saturday night when he led flag-to-flag en route to scoring the feature victory, becoming the fourth straight different winner in four races this season.

“I don’t really know what to say,” Spencer-Walt said in victory lane. “This was the hardest win to try and get. We won a championship at Peterborough, but that’s like a fifth place here over here, really, to be honest with you. You walk through the pits down there and these guys got all-star crew chiefs working on their cars, and we got a group of buddies that I put together from high school and through people that I met. Thank God I got Kyle Baker and Jr Hanley, and those guys that are helping us out and want to see us do well.”

Following the invert after feature one, it’d Rick Spencer-Walt starting pole ahead of Mike Bentley, Taylor Holdaway, Lane Zardo and Billy Zardo. Mike Wilkinson started sixth, followed by Chris Morrow, Jordan Latimer, Nick Goetz and Travis Hallyburton. Gord Shepherd started 11th, followed by Ryan Kimball, Paul Maltese, Ron Quesnelle, Britney Gresel and Ernie Fumerton.

Off the drop of the green flag, Spencer-Walt put the No. 31 Gohydrovac.ca, Jim Wilson Chevrolet, Frame Shop Huntsville, Auto Trim Design, Heidis RV, HOTC, Greensteelroof.ca, Crowe Bros, RCP Dyno and Tuning, Speedy Auto Machine, Bent by Kent, SportsClip, Pizzaville Alcona, Speedy Glass Orilla, and Orser Technical Services Late Model out front ahead of Holdaway Motorsports teammates Bentley and Holdaway.

The Zardo brothers battled side-by-side for fourth, with Billy getting the spot on Lap 4 as Morrow got alongside Lane for fifth. Morrow got fifth a lap later, bringing Goetz through with him. Lane now ran seventh ahead of Wilkinson, as Shepherd and Latimer ran side-by-side for ninth.  Further up the field, Billy continued his charge forward, getting alongside Holdaway for third at Lap 8, while Goetz passed Morrow a lap later to move into fifth.

Wilkinson then got alongside Lane for seventh at Lap 11, passing him just before the caution flew for Goetz spinning Billy in turn four on Lap 13. With 22 laps to go, Spencer-Walt led Bentley, Holdaway, Morrow, Goetz, Wilkinson, Shepherd, Lane Zardo, Latimer, Hallyburton, Kimball, Gresel, Dwayne Baker, Quesnelle, Maltese, Thayne Hallyburton, Al Inglis, Kendra Adams, Ernie Fumerton, Mike Meyer and Billy Zardo.

The first restart resulted in another caution due to contact on the backstretch between Quesnelle and Thayne Hallyburton.

The second restart was clean, with Spencer-Walt continuing to lead ahead of Bentley, with Holdaway and Goetz side-by-side for third. Behind them, Morrow ran fifth as Shepherd and Wilkinson went side-by-side for sixth, with Shepherd getting the spot on Lap 17.  Goetz would clear Holdaway on Lap 19, before passing Bentley a lap later for second. Bentley now ran third ahead of Holdaway, Morrow, Shepherd and Wilkinson.

The third caution then flew on Lap 23 as a result of Quesnelle going around off turn four due to contact with Billy Zardo. With 12 laps to go, Spencer-Walt led Goetz, Bentley, Holdaway, Morrow, Shepherd, Wilkinson, Kimball, Lane Zardo, Baker, Latimer, Travis Hallyburton, Gresel, Adams, Maltese, Thayne Hallyburton, Meyer, Fumerton and Inglis. Under caution, Gresel was sent down pit road by officials with rear-end damage.

The restart saw Lane Zardo immediately head down pit road with a mechanical problem, while Kimball slowed in turn four with a flat right-front after contact.

The second attempt went clean with Spencer-Walt continuing to lead as Goetz and Shepherd ran side-by-side for second. Goetz got the spot on Lap 28 ahead of Shepherd, with Holdaway running fourth ahead of Morrow, Bentley and Baker. Baker continued moving forward, passing Bentley for sixth with five laps to go. Bentley now ran seventh ahead of Travis Hallyburton, as Adams and Latimer ran side-by-side for ninth. Baker then got alongside Morrow for fifth with three laps to go, as Maltese slowed with a mechanical problem.

Rick Spencer-Walt led the rest of the way en route to victory ahead of Gord Shepherd, Nick Goetz, Taylor Holdaway and Dwayne Baker. Chris Morrow finished sixth ahead of Mike Bentley, Mike Wilkinson, Mike Wilkinson, and Travis Hallyburton. Kendra Adams finished 11th, followed  by Jordan Latimer, Thayne Hallyburton, Ryan Kimball, Britney Gresel, Ernie Fumerton, Al Inglis and Ron Quesnelle.

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