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Doug Butler Scores Mini Stock Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

After taking the lead on a late race restart, Doug Butler held off Andy Kamrath en route to scoring the victory in the Signs of Innovation  Mini Stock feature at Sunset Speedway.

The night started off a little messy as Lisa DeLeeuw got loose after starting pole, spinning in turn two; fortunately, the field was able to miss her. Opening night feature winner Andy Kamrath snagged the win ahead of Cameron McGlashan, Johnny Paradzinski, Daniel Montanari, Stefan Woyslaw, Kyle Fetterly, Randi Sequin, DeLeeuw, Curtis Stewart, Eric Rainey and Wendy Adams.

The second heat saw a pair of cautions, with Harold Noseworthy going around on Lap 1 in turn four, while Charlie Smith spun in turn four two laps later. Eric Yorke picked up the victory ahead of Butler, Nic Montanari, Smith, Warren Paxton, Josh Bullen, Dave Crumbie and Doug Wilman.

The third heat featured a quick caution as Peter Wakeling went around in turn four on Lap 6. Chandler Bos scored the victory ahead of his grandfather Bob Phinnemore, Dylan Holmes, Samantha Shaw, Robert Toope, Melissa Bullen, Joe Dunlop, Ken Townsend, Amanda Shave and Wakeling.

The fourth heat started off with a quick spin for Stewart, courtesy of contact from Kamrath. Cameron McGlashan went on to pick up the win ahead of Daniel Montanari, Paradzinski, Kamrath, Sequin, Fetterly, DeLeeuw,  Woyslaw, Rainey, Adams and Stewart.

Doug Butler won the fifth heat ahead of Nic Montanari, Yorke, Smith, Paxton, Crumbie, Josh Bullen, Wilman and Noseworthy.

Samantha Shaw won the final heat ahead of Melissa Bullen, Dunlop, Bos, Toope, Holmes, Phinnemore, Townsend, Shave and Wakeling.

With just over 30 cars on the property, Sunset Speedway officials went forth with a 20 lap b-main to set the back end of the field. Off the drop of the green flag, Robert Toope and Stefan Woyslaw ran side-by-side for the lead. Woyslaw came out ahead, taking the lead on Lap 3 ahead of Toope while Doug Wilman and Lisa DeLeeuw ran side-by-side for third.

The first caution of the event then flew at Lap 5 for Peter Wakeling going around. With 15 laps to go, Woyslaw led Toope, Wilman, DeLeeuw, Ken Townsend, Curtis Stewart, Eric Rainey, Harold Noseworthy, Amanda Shave and Wendy Adams.

Woyslaw got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Toope while Wilman and DeLeeuw resumed their battle for third. DeLeeuw got the spot on Lap 7 ahead of Wilman, as Rainey and Townsend rounded out the top-six. The field would go back under the yellow flag, though, on Lap 8 for Wakeling going around in turn four.

Woyslaw got another good restart ahead of Toope as Wilman slipped back by DeLeeuw for third ahead of Rainey, Townsend and Stewart. DeLeeuw didn’t give up, though, getting back alongside Wilman for the spot as the third caution flew for Wakeling going around in turn four. With being involved in three cautions, he was given the black flag and sent to the pits.

Woyslaw’s solid restarts continued as he led Toope and Wilman, with Rainey getting alongside DeLeeuw for fourth. DeLeeuw held him off, clearing him on Lap 16, and then resuming her battle with Wilman as she got back alongside for third with two laps to go.

Stefan Woyslaw picked up the victory ahead of Robert Toope, Lisa DeLeeuw, Doug Wilman and Eric Rainey. Curtis Stewart finished sixth, followed by Ken Townsend, Harold Noseworthy, Wendy Adams and Amanda Shave.

With the field set, it’d be Johnny Paradzinski leading the field to green ahead of Joe Dunlop, Randi Sequin, Josh Bullen and Dylan Holmes. Nic Montanari started sixth, followed by Chandler Bos, Bob Phinnemore, Melissa Bullen and Daniel Montanari.

Charlie Smith started 11th, followed by Eric Yorke, Doug Butler, Warren Paxton, Andy Kamrath, Cameron McGlashan, Samantha Shaw, Stefan Woyslaw, Robert Toope and Lisa DeLeeuw. Doug Wilman started 21st, followed by Eric Rainey, Harold Noseworthy, Dave Crumbie, Curtis Stewart, Wendy Adams, Amanda Shave and Ken Townsend.

Off the drop of the green flag, Johnny Paradzinski put the No. 4 Stella Auto, Mega Wheelz, Prime Motors, Vinyl Obsessed and Image Wraps Honda Civic out front ahead of Dunlop, Josh Bullen and Sequin as Fetterly and Holmes ran side-by-side for fifth. Their battle got broken up as Smith got by both of them on Lap 3, before getting alongside Sequin for fourth.

Their battle was short lived as the caution flew on Lap 4 for Fetterly spinning around in turn four. Under caution, Noseworthy and Bos headed into the pits, done for the event. With 20 laps to go, Paradzinski led Dunlop, Bullen, Smith, Sequin, Butler, Daniel Montanari, Fetterly, Nic Montanari, Kamrath, Paxton, Yorke, Holmes, McGlashan, Shaw, Woyslaw, Toope,  Wilman, Rainey, DeLeeuw, Stewart and Crumbie.

Paradzinski got a good restart to keep the lead, while Smith moved up into second ahead of Butler, Dunlop and Bullen. Paradzinski’s strong run came to an end, though, as he headed down pit road on Lap 7 with a mechanical problem. As a result, Smith took over the top spot in his No. 85 GREEN VALLEY ELECTRIC, SIMCOE AUTO RECYCLERS, CHUCK TAYLOR HAULAGE AND IRON HORSE BAR & GRILL OF COOKSTOWN Dodge Neon ahead of Butler, as Dunlop battled Kamrath for third.

Kamrath got the spot on Lap 9, bumping Dunlop back to fourth as Daniel Montanari and Paxton ran side-by-side for fifth. Montanari got the spot, passing Dunlop for fourth on Lap 11. Dunlop continued to fall back as he was then passed by Paxton, Nic Montanari, Yorke and McGlashan over the next two laps. As a result, Dunlop now ran 14th ahead of Bullen, Woyslaw and Shaw.

As the leaders made their way through lap traffic, battles were taking place throughout the field with Yorke getting alongside Nic Montanari for fifth at Lap 16, passing him for the spot two laps later. Behind them, McGlashan moved up to seventh as Dunlop and Bullen battled for eighth. Bullen got the spot on Lap 20 ahead of Dunlop, as Woyslaw rounded out the top-10. Unfortunately, Bullen’s strong run was cut short as he’d go around off turn four for the caution with three laps to go. Under yellow, Justin Holmes pulled into the pits, done for the race.

The restart produced an insane battle for the lead with Butler taking Kamrath and Smith three-wide. Kamrath and Butler cleared Smith at the white flag, battling down the backstretch before Butler got ahead, and crossed the finish line first behind the wheel of the No. 10 RSA Auto Parts (Barrie) , Century 21 (Cheryl Ferguson), Linde Weld and Gasses, Northern Auto Body, Hwy 90 Signs, Hwy 400 Transmissions, TSS Top Shops entry.

So it was Doug Butler taking the victory ahead of Andy Kamrath, Charlie Smith, Daniel Montanari and Eric Yorke. Warren Paxton finished sixth, followed by Cameron McGlashan, Nic Montanari, Samantha Shaw and Stefan Woyslaw.

Dave Crumbie finished 11th, followed by Kyle Fetterly, Melissa Bullen, Randi Sequin and Bob Phinnemore. Robert Toope finished 16th, followed by Josh Bullen, Doug Wilman, Lisa Deleeuw and Eric Rainey.

Curtis Stewart finished 21st, followed by Wendy Adams, Amanda Shave and Ken Townsend.

Please note the back half of these results could be inaccurate, and should be double checked with the speedway to make sure they are correct.


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