Delaware Speedway

Sheridan and Verberne Remain Perfect

May 12th, 2017

By Ryan Dyson



After Mother Nature forced the cancellation of May 5th’s action at Delaware Speedway, the local talent took to the half-mile this week for the debut of a new double feature format. The Ground Masters Super Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks were on the card for the evening, which saw great side by side battles, hard racing, and exciting finishes.

For the first time, group qualifying sessions would set the starting lineup for all the divisions, as drivers were sent on track for 5 minutes to lay down their fastest time and attempt to break a track record. The Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks were up first, divided into two groups because of the amount of cars. As there was no current track record for the division, drivers were fighting to become the first ever. Derek Moesker ran the fast time with a 24.180 over Bill Brekelmans, and Ben Davey. Demar Aggregates Truck Series qualifying saw Rick Verberne set pole time, barely missing the current track record with a 21.713 over Devon Bloemendal and Tom Zagorodny. Ground Masters Super Stock qualifying saw Matt Rouble set fast time with a 20.674, missing the current track record of 20.605. Gary Adriansen and Jake Sheridan qualified 3rd and 4th respectively.

The first of two Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stock feature races started with Jordan Morris on the pole after the dice inversion, beside Ben Davey. Jordan Morris led the opening few circuits until he got loose and slid up the track, allowing Bill Brekelmans to move into the top position. Derek Moesker ran 2nd and Craig Cole 3rd. The caution flag came out on lap 9 as Chris Radder went for a spin in turn 1. This caution stacked the field back up for a restart, which was as chaotic as the initial start. Brekelmans held off Moesker before the caution came out again on lap 13 for a multi-car spin on the back straightaway. Moesker would slip away and take the top spot on the ensuing restart as the field followed behind. Brekelmans would not let Moesker get away as he was on his rear bumper, pushing before David Rockwood lost a wheel off of turn 4, bringing out the caution on lap 18. On the ensuing restart there was a large pileup collecting Shawn Brooks, who left a trail of fluid down to the apron. The restart saw all kinds of chaos as Brekelmans slid up the track and Morris made a bold three wide move to move through for 2nd. Within 2 to go the battle was in full force for 5th as Cole, Chappell and Proulx battled hard. Moesker would win the first feature over Morris and Brekelmans.

There first feature race for the Demar Aggregates Truck Series began with Tom Zagordony on the pole position beside Devon Bloemendal. The opening lap was led by Bloemendal who quickly began to pull away. By the halfway point the battle for 2nd was heating up as Zagorodny began playing defence on Rick Verberne. The opening caution of the race came out on lap 12 as Connor Van Steensel spun in turn 4. Verberne moved into the 2nd position on the restart as Zagorodny fell in behind with Brydges trailing in 4th. On lap 19 Verberne gave Bloemendal the bump and run for the lead, however the Flying Dutchman stayed close behind before he slowed with apparent troubles just a few laps later. Rick Verberne would go on to win the feature race over Zagorodny and Brydges.

The Ground Masters Super Stocks were the last in rotation on the card, and it was Jake Sheridan leading the field to the green flag. Gary Adriaensen, Matt Robblee and David McCullough rounded out the front two rows. Before a lap was completed the caution flag was out as Jason Lidster went around on the back straightaway, seemingly without any serious harm. Under the caution period, Gary Adriaensen brought his #55 to the infield, surrendering his position in the front portion of the field. Sheridan would maintain the top position after the restart while Adriaensen sliced his way through the field from the rear. Sheridan would pull away and cruise to the feature win over Matt Rouble and David McCullough.

After the intermission it was time for the second round of feature races, once again beginning the rotation with the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks. With a complete inversion of starting order from the first round of features, the #5 of Cole Howard started on pole beside the #43 of Pam Mitchell. On the opening lap there was a major crash which saw the red flag displayed as a few cars were stuck on the track in need of removal from Whitworth towing. After the restart the field would race very hard for valuable positions, as Cole Howard held the lead until lap 6 when Bill Brekelmans took over with a high side pass. Caution came out on lap 7 for a spin in turn 4, which resulted in a restart. The restart was disaster as many cars were collected on the front straightaway in a large pileup including Jay Chappell, Kassy Howard, Jason Moesker, and Dan Storey. After the restart the field got into a groove as Brekelmans led over Ron Proulx and Jordan Morris. The caution came out on lap 13 once again as Don Yorke came to a stop in turn 2. The race would get going green to the end after the restart with Bill Brekelmans taking the win over Derek Moesker and Ben Davey.

Tyler Fortey and Kevin Lay started on the front row for the second Demar Aggregates Truck Series feature with Mickey Brydges and Rick Verberne in the second row. Mickey Brydges would take the lead early and lead the opening lap as Bloemendal pressured right away. Sparks flew on lap 5 as Nathan Hawkins and Tyler Fortey made contact, resulting in a spark show from the #47 Hawkins machine. On the restart Verberne took the race lead and checked out as the field battled hard behind for the 2nd position. Tom Zagorodny cleared for 2nd by lap 8 and worked to close the gap on the race leader. By 5 to go the gap for the race lead had closed, however it wouldn’t be enough as Rick Verberne held on by half a truck length to beat Tom Zagorodny. Mickey Brydges would finish in the race 3rd.

The final race of the evening was the Ground Masters Super Stocks, which saw Brittany Beatty start on the pole beside Geoff Chant. Paul Fothergill jumped to the race lead early as the field raced hard behind with a complete inversion to start. By lap 8 Gary Adriaensen had moved into 3rd with Darrell Lake running behind as Trevor Collver ran 2nd. On lap 9 Darren Thirkettle went around in turn 3 as Geoff Chant and David McCullough drove into the wreck with nowhere to go. After the restart the top drivers went 3 wide for the lead, allowing Collver to take the lead. Entering turn 3 on lap 11 Collver would go around, resulting in the caution flag flying again. The restart put Fothergill back to the point with Adriaensen on his high side. The restart was not kind to Fothergill as he was split in a three wide move by Adriaensen and Sheridan, with young Sheridan advancing to the top position. By lap 19, David McCullough had raced into the 3rd position after his early race troubles. The caution flag came out on lap 21 as Brittany Beatty came to a stop at the pit road entrance, setting up for a 4-lap dash to the finish. David McCullough would move into 2nd, and try a last lap bump and run for the win, however Jake Sheridan would keep his streak alive and hold on for his 3rd win in 3 races. McCullough 2nd, Adriaensen would finish the race 3rd.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is next Friday, May 19th featuring the Case N’ Drum Oil Late Models, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and TransAxle V8 Stocks. Event tickets can be purchased on, racing begins at 7:30pm.

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