Josh Bullen Poised for Rookie Campaign at Sunset Speedway

The Bullen name has been connected to stock car racing for many years, with success by both Fred and Phil Bullen in previous seasons. The family is set to add another name to the list of racers, with Josh Bullen set for his rookie Mini Stock season at Sunset Speedway in 2017.

“My thoughts going into the season are to go out and have fun and learn as much as I can each and every race,” he told Short Track Musings. “I’m very excited to be racing a brand new car that myself and team built over the off season. I know I have a lot to learn and experience but I’m very happy and excited to get out to the track. As a team and myself, we have set goals and throughout the season we will strive to achieve them and move forward.”

With no previous go-karting or stock car experience, Bullen admitted despite being excited and thankful for the opportunity, he was nervous entering his first initial practice a couple weeks ago.

“Our team went out Good Friday and that was my first time practicing and overall I feel very good and confident going forward,” he said. “I accomplished a lot that practice and eventually got up to a comfortable speed. This past weekend was my first full practice with other cars and I sure learned a lot about the track, the car and racing with others. As this is my first year, it will sure be a learning curve but I’m very excited and ready as I have a lot of people behind me that will coach and help me through the season.”

With the laps he has under his belt, Bullen says entering opening night his goals for the season are to complete all the laps each week, while learning as much as he can from the experienced drivers in the division.

“With such a high number of registrations for the Mini Stock Division at Sunset Speedway, this year another goal is to make it into the A main feature every night. As a team where striving to aim towards rookie of the year award at the end of the season as well.”

Josh won’t be the only Bullen on track this year, as he will be joined by his sister Melissa who enters her third season of competition. She completed last year in Sunset Speedway’s second-tier Mini Stock division, the Mighty Minis, scoring a consi victory, along with three top-fives and nine top-10s.

“I’m very lucky to have my Dad, Branden and Melissa to all lean on and have them act like coaches to me as I learn through my first season,” Josh said. “I believe having them for support and help will benefit me large, I know I always have someone to go to when I have a question about the car and/or track as they all have experience racing at Sunset especially. They have already taught me and helped me with a lot and that will only continue which is very beneficial.”

Looking back on the time he has spent at the track so far, Bullen says he’s made a lot of memories.

“I would have to say the most memorable moment would just be spending the season with friends and family, helping and being a crew chief for Jordan Howse in the Super Stock division and my sister Melissa in the Mini Stock division the past two years,” he said. “Being part of the crew for both of them has been extremely fun and I have learned a lot as well.”


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