Keith Parkes Ready to “Try to Stay Out of Trouble” at Peterborough Speedway

Photo Courtesy of Morgan-Amber Photography

By: Ashley McCubbin

The Battlefield Equipment Rental Four Funs at Peterborough Speedway are always entertaining to watch, and Keith Parkes is one of the drivers who hopes to be part of the battles for victories this season. Knowing there is a heavy amount of rookies on the roster for 2017, he says he intend to be consistent all season long and stay out of trouble.

“My goals are to finish higher than my eighth place in points last season,” he told Short Track Musings. “With all these youngsters out there, it might be tough. I am the oldest out there at 62 but am having a blast.”

As noted, he placed eighth in points in his second full season at Peterborough Speedwyay, having a lot of fun along the way with some new friendships made as “these guys and ladies are a great bunch of people to hang around and race with every Saturday night.”

Parkes got his start in racing two and a half years ago, getting involved behind the wheel with sons Colin and Connor, who were sharing a car bought from Ray Schroer.

“Colin won his heat race his first time in the car. I bought a Sunfire that John Carr built,” Keith recalled. “I practiced a few laps on the Thursday night at Peterborough Speedway. I had signed up for the Grass Roots Racing at Kawartha Speedway. I went out Friday night. Did 5 laps of practice. Started the race and wrote off the car in turn one. Not a great introduction into racing. Connor then wrote off the Mazda practicing at Peterborough. He broke his leg when he hit the wall. It was a scary crash. I then bought another car for Colin to race. He did very well in it. Connor shut it down for the season. I had another one built for myself and finished off the season.”

Getting the chance to race with both his boys has been a lot of fun so far, despite it being difficult for Colin to commit to racing every week due to a family and work.

“Connor? Well, he is just Connor,” Keith added. “I never know whats going on with him. We live in Brampton so it is a bit of a hike to Peterborough. We also have a place in Bailey’s Bay which is only seven kms from the speedway. Nice and convenient.”

Through his career to date, he says his most memorable moment in racing has to be racing against both kids during the Autumn Colours Classic 40-lap feature for the first time.

“That was a lot of fun,” he said. “Winning my first heat race was kind of cool. I never expected that to happen.”

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