Jay Cutting Set For Sunset Speedway Return

Photo Courtesy of Jay Cutting

By: Ashley McCubbin

Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock division just continues to grow in size, and talent. It was recently revealed that Jay Cutting would be making his return to the track, driving a car owned by John Latimer.

“I guess I’m hoping we can get the car figured out early this season and be able to get her up front and keep it in one piece,” he said.

Cutting has spent many years at Sunset Speedway, racing as part of the track’s four-cylinder division, before spending a couple seasons in Thunder Car with some heat victories to his credit. Now set to return for the first time in a couple years, he say he is hoping he can “still wheel a racecar and keep her out of the cabbage/fence,” with desires of scoring a top-10 in points and a possible win, or two.

“That will be a challenge in itself with the equipment and talent that are on and at that race track,” he added. “Fastest Thunder Cars in Ontario in my opinion.”

For Cutting, everything got started when he was seven years old, initially racing on ice for six years before jumping into his first mini stock at the age of 13.

“It’s been a passion for years watching my old man race while playing dinky cars in the dirt on the front shoot at sunset,” he said.

With having spent numerous years at the track, he says there is no way to narrow it down to just a single memorable moment through the years.

“From winning features, to battling for 50 laps for sixth place, to just spending time with the family,” he said. “I think every night or day spent at the track is the best memorable moment. How could it not be when you are surrounded by good people and family, as well as well racecars and horsepower?

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