Gresel Hopes to Break Through After Banner Year

Over the past couple of seasons, Britney Gresel and Sauble Falls Racing have continued to get better with each season. Ultimately, last year she was able to put together one of her best seasons to date. She is now set to return to Sunset Speedway once again this year, set to compete against what promises to be one of the toughest Late Model fields in the province.

Photo Courtesy of Sauble Falls Racing

“Our goals and everything for the upcoming 2017 racing season is to do better then than how we did last year,” she told Short Track Musings. “Last year, we had a phenomenal season,  finished sixth overall in the Sunset points and within the top 80 of our provincial points for NASCAR. So we definitely want to improve that, as we do every year, but it’s going to be tough to do with the crowd that we race against. But I think we’re up to the challenge for sure.”

Last year as she noted, consistency on a weekly basis allowed her to finish sixth in points as she scored nine top-10s across the season, in contrast to only three top-10s the year before. The season was highlighted by a pair of third place finishes, including a night where she led most of the laps in the feature till being passed late in the going.

“It felt awesome,” she said. “It’s something that me and the team, everybody needed. We needed that because we had a tough go there for the first little bit. Then we brought in our brand new McColl car and we had to work the bugs out of it. I think last year was a winning year for us. After we got the bugs worked out, it felt great to run up there and it definitely gave myself as a driver and my crew – Curtis, Duncan, Will and Brandon – it gave us the confidence boost that we needed.”

With confidence on her side, the driver of the No. 81 Sauble Falls Tent & Trailer Park, Walkerton Toyota, Brittney’s Hair Studio, Cabral Racing Promotions, Spira Fire Protection, Brandon’s Landscapes Late Model could very well break through and score her first career Sunset Speedway Late Model feature victory this season.

“t’d be like a moment that I’d want to do a burn out, but I couldn’t because of our damn tire rule,” she said. “It would mean everything. I think a win means everything to any driver, but to us it would definitely hit hard. It would hit me right in the heart if we got a win. We work so hard every weekend on this car and to get a payoff with a win, it’d mean everything. It’s a lot of luck, you have to luck there, and last year – we were close, but just weren’t quite there. Something would happen, but a win would mean everything to all of us.”

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