Darren McLennan Ready to “Race Fair and Win Races”

After putting together a solid season last year, Darren McLennan is set to once again run the full Lucas Oil T.Q. Can-Am Midget schedule in 2017.

“2017 is going to have a few new faces,’ he told Short Track Musings. “It’s going to be a good field of competition. We’re starting this year with the same attitude as always – get out there, race fair, and win races.”

Over the past few years, McLennan feels their ability to be consistent and clean weekly has allowed them to finish second or third in points. Now, this year is about doing that again – while winning some races.

“We just need a little extra luck to push us to the top again,” he said. “We always strive to work as a team because it helps us reach our goals. Communication between driver and crew is essential.

Looking ahead to the season, McLennan says Sauble Speedway is one of the tracks he’s most looking forward to getting to as he’s always been fast there, though is also looking forward to racing again at Lancaster. Sauble was one of the tracks which treated McLennan well last year, as he picked up the win there, along with a victory at Sunset Speedway, en route to finishing second in points to Mack DeMan.

“Last year was challenging to stay focused because our wedding fell in the middle of the season,’ he said. “But we tried to stay consistent and it all worked out well in the end.”

Out of both wins, the victory at Sunset Speedway was the more memorable due to always being “hit and miss at that track,” though also because getting race back and forth wheel-to-wheel with DeMan was “a lot of fun.”

For McLennan, he got his start in racing by watching his dad race go-karts and tractor pull at a young age.

“He then got my older brother Darcy into racing go-karts,” he said. “By the time I was seven, I raced my first season of go-karts, and by eight, I was in a micro-sprint. I moved into different types of racing as my brother advanced in his racing. We bought the Can-Am Midget in 2005.”

Looking back through the years, he says the most memorable season was in 2011 when he won the Can-Am Championship.

“But winning any race with this tough competition is always a great moment. There’s a lot of talent in our field of cars,” he added.


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