Billy Zardo Hoping for Better Luck at Sunset in 2017


After a season full of horrible luck, Billy Zardo hopes he’s on the right side of things this year at Sunset Speedway as he will once again race as part of the track’s Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Model Division.

“I can’t wait for the 2017 season,” he told Short Track Musings. “I never did like the cold, and to get back to the track is very exciting to me. In 2017, I’m hoping to have a lot more luck then 2016.”

Last year, it seemed as if nothing would go the way he wanted, with four blown motors, a couple bad crashes, and a transmission issue plaguing the season. Despite that, he was able to make every night of the season, and put together a couple good runs with three top-fives and eight top-10s. There were even a couple memorable moments, from working Friday night through Saturday morning at 5am with his brother Lane Zardo to get the car ready, to watching his brother pick up his first career Late Model victory.

Now “glad it’s in the rear view,” all focus is on the upcoming season. With success on the mind, Zardo enters the year with an aggressive, yet still calm approach.

“After all, Stompin’ Tom didn’t win all those championships by being nice,” he said. “I’m aiming for a handful of wins and a top five in points.”

Getting back to victory lane would be a relief after missing out last year, though the driver of the Mike Holmes, Better Contracting, Shelby Roofing, Hassell Automotive, Big Chute Marina, and Holland and Crosby Late Model knows the challenge ahead of him with the amount of talent on the Sunset roster.

“The Sunset roster is on fire,” he said. “From first back to 15th, you have to fight – hands down amazing talent from drivers and crew. I think 2017 will bring the best out of a lot of teams at sunset.”

One of those fellow driver he’s certainly has hopes will be up front with him would be his brother.

“With me and Lane racing against each other, it is amazing but also very difficult,” he said. “We have two very different cars so its tough to use ideas together. I love running side-by-side with him on the track though. Brings out the best in us both, I believe.”


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