Kendra Adams Looks to Keep Learning, Expanding Racing Career


After a successful rookie campaign in the St. Onge Recreational Super Stock Division, Kendra Adams will return to Sunset Speedway in 2017. However, it’s not quite clear as to the exact plans for the season yet.

With both a super stock and a late model now in her stable, possibilities as to what car she will drive, and whether her father Brendan Adams will be back behind the wheel.

“We are preparing both cars so they’ll both be ready, but we are looking to finalize our sponsorships to see what the final budget will be,” she told Short Track Musings. “That will determine if we race only one car this year, the second car on a limited schedule or just a handful of races. Dad would like to race, so we’ll try to budget to get him out there as much as possible.”

kendraadams2No matter what she does get behind the wheel of, she admits there’s no real set goals to accomplish for the season, but rather to “go out, learn, keeping improving, and just do better than I did the week before”.

This past season, Adams made the move up to the Super Stock division from the Mini Stock division, putting together a solid season with multiple top-15 finishes.

“2016 was a great year for me,” she said. “I accomplished the goals I set for myself in the first year in the super stock and I learned a lot. I’ve never had the best confidence in the racecar and I worked hard on that last year. By the end of the season I felt a lot more confident and had some solid runs.”

The confidence in the second half of the year paid off, as she posted an eighth place finish on August 20, followed by another eighth in the Velocity 250 after qualifying 17th. For Adams, the Velocity 250 was “a great way to finish off the season”, but she notes it made it harder to watch the season end as she wanted to keep racing.

Looking back on the season, she adds the biggest things she learned focused around trying not to tear up equipment.

“I still try to race with patience and respect for other drivers and for my equipment, but I learned that in Super Stock, there’s too much competition to sit back and give too much,” she said. “I found that I actually like the outside lane and was able to make it work and make a lot of passes out there. I’m still learning every week and hope for good things next season.”

While she had success on the track, it’s worthy nothing that she was just as busy off the track, doing multiple interviews across both Canada and the United States on different television shows. With all the shows she got to do, she admits it’s hard to pick a favourite.

“Mobil 1 The Grid TV was a cool segment and cool that it went world wide,” she said. “But It was really amazing to be flown to NYC to film ‘Wonderama‘ with David Osmond. Being on the Family channel on ‘We are Savvy‘ was awesome because it was my first TV show and I grew up watching family channel. Overall they were all great experiences and I had so much fun with them.”

kendraadams3All the experience gained from being on the shows will help Adams moving forward as she’s set to kick off her own television show later on this year.

“I had an idea for a TV show which is part reality and part news,” she said. “I proposed the outline of the show, and 15 episodes, and Rogers TV agreed to produce it. It’s tentatively called ‘The Fast Lane‘. We’ve started production meetings, are actually scheduled for 18 shows and will begin filming in March. It will have a lot of footage at Sunset Speedway, a day in the life of a racecar driver, and then a different topic and guests each week. I’ve asked Mike Bentley to be on the show with me doing the weekly tech tip and it’s going to be great to have Mike on the show with his knowledge. The show will air on TV beginning in June and it will be available online as well. If you have a dream, go after it! You never know what will happen.”

With everything that she’s doing, it’s easy to see why there’s young ladies out there whom look up to the driver of the No. 2 Mobil 1, SE Telecom, Avaya, Epic Racewear, Paul Quail Transport, Radical Rods, Rides and Restoration, Tyger Shark, The Mortgage Station, Speedy Auto Machine, Infinet Motorsports, Human 2.0 Entry.

“Honestly, it’s amazing,” she said. “I have so many people that I look up to and respect so I understand how they would feel. I try to keep positive and help them see that they can do anything in life, you just have to believe in yourself and work hard. If you want something bad enough, work toward your goals and don’t give up. And don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t do something or you are not good enough. Racing is something I always wanted to do and I have changed my future because of racing. I found that working on the marketing and promotions side of racing, I really enjoy it and have decided to make that my career. I hope to one day work for a NASCAR team.

“Working with sponsors and representing them is a unique experience and one that gives you a lot of life experience. I will be in the Mobil 1 booth, with my car, at the Motorama show in March. This week, we also finalized everything and announced that I will be a brand ambassador for Revo. Working with Revo and representing their product is an amazing opportunity for me and I am excited for this new adventure.”

Though while people look up to her, there’s a pair of people in her own life in whom she looks up to herself.

“I really look up to my parents,” she said. “They have both been such amazing role models and teachers to me. I couldn’t be more proud to call them my parents. Everything I know and do I’ve learned from them.”

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