DYLAN HOLMES: “I did a lot better than I thought”


With a pair of heat wins and eight top-10 feature finishes, Dylan Holmes was able to put together a solid season en route to finishing sixth in the Signs of Innovation Mighty Mini Standings.

“Looking back on 2016, I’d have to say it was a pretty good year,” Holmes told Short Track Musings. “It was my first full year in a rear wheel driver car. To be honest, I did a lot of better than I thought I was going to, so it was overall a good year.”

Kicking off the season, the finishes started out a little rocky as Holmes posted a pair of top-fives to go with three finishes outside of the top-10. However, he entered mid-June, it seemed things were starting to sort themselves out. He was able to post four straight top-six finishes, including a pair of runner-ups. With the strength he was showing, everybody wondered if the first win was just around the corner. He came close on July 30th, leading laps until he was bumped out of the lead late in the event by Johnny Paradzinski, resulting in a 15th place finish.

“Reflecting back on last season, I’d have to say that the moment that stood out the most was when I made it up to second in points,” he said. “Almost won my first feature race but lost it all because someone got a little hot headed and dumped me on the last lap in turn 4; but oh well – shit happens, racing is racing.”

The driver of the No 400 Hwy 400 Transmission, York Region Firearms Academy, New to You Tire, Good Guys Computers, Hoops and Loops, Auto Trim, Ever Green Recyling, JD Transportation and Simcoe Auto Collision Mustang was then able to cap off the season with two more top-eight finishes in the last three events, including a fourth at the season finale.

With a solid season behind him, focus has now shifted towards the upcoming 2017 season. Holmes is entering the year with a clean state, stating “it’s a new year, a fresh start for everyone”, noting all the work everybody – including their team – is doing to try and be faster this season.

“My goals for next season is just to get out and really improve my driving and be able to run at least mid pack considering they combined the two divisions,” he said. “By no means will I be going out to set the world on fire and take the championship. As for expectations, I don’t really have any aside from every one to be faster then they were last year.”

As Holmes referred to, Sunset Speedway made the decision to combine both mini stock divisions as a result of counts in the higher division dipping below 15 on a couple nights.

“Honestly I think its a good idea that they combined the two because it’s going to help all of the slower cars become faster,” he said. “There going to have the same goal I have, which is to go out and run mid-pack – which I feel will help make them faster.”


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