Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Full Throttle Motor Speedway Unveils Busy 2017 Schedule


It’s going to be a busy year at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

The quarter-mile bull-ring located in Durham, Ontario is the first track to unveil their 2017 race schedule, which promises to be one of the busiest in the province of Ontario.

The track plans to have all nine of their home-track divisions running double features each night. As they’ve done the last couple years, the field is set for the first feature by a qualifying draw, with the second feature as an invert. Each feature is then 20 laps total in length. With nine divisions in total, equaling to 18 features if each run two features, that’ll be 360 laps of feature racing for the fans each night.

The entire list of divisions each night includes Matteo’s Pizza Fun Stock, Twin City Auto Parts Mini Stock, Late Model, Street Stock, Georgian Bay Chemicals Jr. Late Models, Mini Truck, Pure Truck, Crazy Trains, and Kid Stock.

On top of their local divisions, the track has announced they’ll hope the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on two occasions in 2017. The first will see the midgets as part of the “Canada Day Clash” on July 2, while the second appearance is on September 3 as part of Championship weekend.

With the schedule unveiled, the track has already began to sell tickets for events, including a stellar Christmas special which can be found at http://www.fullthrottlemotorspeedway.com/news/?i=43265.

While it’s great to see a track try and pack as much action in a night as they can, it sometimes brings forth the question if perhaps they’re pushing the boundaries too far. What if you get incidents and the night goes real long, like till midnight or 1am as a result? It’ll be something to watch for all fans this year as the track balances amount of action and fan patience on a night.

Fans can view the full schedule for themselves by going to http://www.fullthrottlemotorspeedway.com/schedule/.

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