Adrian Kemps Scores First Career OSCAAR Pro Midgets Victory


If there’s a way to make a debut in style, Adrian Kemps figured it out this past weekend. Kemps made his OSCAAR Pro Midget debut at Peterborough Speedway, picking up the victory in the feature at the Autumn Colours Classic. Meanwhile, Greenwood’s strength all season paid off in the form of the series championship.

The first heat saw Cassidy Marsh run into problems on Lap 7, followed by problems for Ryan Fraser on the last lap. Rob Summers picked up the win ahead of Jeff Blackburn, Fraser, Katherine Summers, Gary Triska and Marsh.

The second heat saw Willy Northcott go off on Lap 5, while Adrian Kemps picked up the win ahead of Glen Blaker, Ted Greenwood, James Marche and Wally Wilson.

The third heat saw Marche run into problems on Lap 6, while Blaker and Blackburn got together coming to the checkered flag in a battle for the win. Rob Summers went for the daily double, getting the victory ahead of Fraser and Triska.

The fourth heat saw Wilson go for a quick spin on the backstretch on Lap 1, while Kemps ran into mechanical problems. Cassidy Marsh picked up the win ahead of Greenwood and Katherine Summers.

Come feature time, it’d be Ted Greenwood starting pole ahead of Ryan Fraser, Adrian Kemps, Rob Summers, Cassidy Marsh, James Marche, Gary Triska and Wally Wilson.

Off the drop of the green flag, Ted Greenwood took the early lead ahead of Fraser and Marche. Kemps was set on making his way quickly to the front, though, as he got alongside Marche for third on Lap 2. He was able to complete the pass, also going by Fraser for second a lap later. Marche then made his way by Fraser on Lap 5 to move up into the third spot.

Behind them, Marsh got alongside Rob Summers for fifth, though was unable to complete the pass as he fell back in line. Summers then continued to run along in sixth ahead of Wilson and Triska.

At the front of the field, Kemps was able to track down Greenwood for the lead, getting alongside him on Lap 8. He was unable to complete the pass, though, as he fell back in line in second ahead of Marche while Triska passed Wilson for seventh. Marche unfortunately lost some track position, falling back to fifth after being passed by Summers and Marsh.

Kemps wasn’t set to let Greenwood go at the front of the field, and the persistence paid off as he was able to take the lead on Lap 16. Meanwhile, Marsh continued to move forward as he passed Summers for third on Lap 17.

Adrian Kemps led the rest of the way en route to victory lane ahead of Ted Greenwood, Cassidy Marsh, Rob Summers, James Marche, Ryan Fraser, Gary Triska and Wally Wilson. A runner-up finish for Ted Greenwood saw him be crowned the inaugural OSCAAR Pro Midget Champion with three feature victories, 11 heat victories and six top-five finishes.

The OSCAAR Pro Midgets will host their final event of 2016 as part of Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest weekend. With the points decided, this weekend’s event is purely an invitational.
Race Report by Ashley McCubbin

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