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Matt Bentley Edges Lapcevich for Super Stock Glory at Sunset Speedway

In one of the most dramatic finishes of the season, it’d be Matt Bentley picking up the win in the Velocity 250 Super Stock feature at Sunset Speedway.

The first heat on Saturday didn’t go as Frank Davey planned as he’d have to pull off with a problem on Lap 3. Notably, Davey was involved in a crash in practice; Robbie Sikes blew the motor and Davey got in the oil, sliding and making contact with the outside wall. The problems continued for drivers as Coltin Everingham blew on Lap 6. Then on the restart, Stefan Semeraro cut a tire after contact with Kenny McNicol Jr.

Ken Grubb picked up the win ahead of Treyten Lapcevich, Jake Zevenbergen, Johnny Morrison, McNicol Jr., Jordan Latimer, Trevor Collver, Brandon Passer, the 93 and the 18.

Miles Tyson won the second heat ahead of Matt Bentley, Nic Troback, Jordan Howse, Ethan Constable, Glenn Schurr, Brandon McFerran, Ryan Semple, the 36x, Dennis Cybalski, Jason Legge, Jordan Latimer and the 98E.

Unfortunately, the third heat didn’t go as Dan Archibald wanted as he’d pull off before the start with a broken sway bar. Justin Holmes won ahead of Paul Geniole Jr., Kendra Adams, Tyler Liscum, Kris Lawrence, Joe Adams, Paul Allard, Keith Temple, Kent Nuhn, Nick Tooley and Jaymee Adams.

The fourth heat featured a quick caution on Lap 4 as a result of Nagy spinning Collver in turn two. Jake Zevenbergen survived a late-race bump and run to edge Lapcevich at the line for the win. Passer finished third, followed by Morrison, Nagy, McNicol, Latimer, Semeraro, the 93, Collver and the 18.

The fifth heat saw a caution on Lap 8 as a result of Tyson slowing in turn three. Ryan Semple picked up the win ahead of Howse, McFerran, Bentley, Latimer, Cybalski, Schurr, Troback, Constable, Nagy, the 29 and the 89E.

The sixth heat started off with a big incident in turn one, resulting in heavy damage for Allard. Dan Archibald picked up the win Temple, Joe Adams, Liscum, Nuhn, Lawrence, Holmes, Tooley, Kendra Adams, Jaymee Adams, William Hughes and Allard.

With over 40 cars on the property, a pair of b-mains to help the field. The top-18 were set based on the average finishes of their heats, with the bottom 10 being made up of the top-five from each b-main.

The first b-main didn’t start off smoothly as Constable spun on Lap 2 while battling for the lead with Glenn Schurr. Then on the last lap, Constable spun once again after making contact with Schurr. Dan Archibald picked up the win ahead of Geniole Jr., Liscum and Nagy. Schurr was the first driver not to qualify, followed by Davey, the 93, the 98E, William Hughes and Constable.

The second b-main saw Everingham pull off with a problem on Lap 6 as Miles Tyson picked up the win ahead of Nuhn, Cybalski and Semeraro. Herb Walters was the first driver not to qualify, followed by Collver, Tooley, John Latimer, Jaymee Adams and the 18.

Come feature time, Justin Holmes started pole ahead of Jordan Howse, Matt Bentley, Ken Grubb, Jake Zevenbergen, Treyten Lapcevich, Johnny Morrison, Tyler Liscum, Ryan Semple, Brandon McFerran, Joe Adams, Keith Temple, Nic Troback, Kenny McNicol Jr., Kris Lawrence, Brandon Passer, Kendra Adams, Jordan Latimer, Dan Archibald, Miles Tyson, Paul Geniole Jr., Kent Nuhn, Jason Legge, Dennis Cybalski, Hudson Nagy and Stefan Semeraro.

The drama started immediately with both Holmes and Liscum not going on the start, resulting in a wreck which included Archibald, Geniole Jr., Passer, McNicol Jr., Latimer and Tyson. Latmer, Tyson and Holmes were all done for the event.

The second attempt at the start went cleanly with Jordan Howse putting the No. 8 MacMaster Buick GMC of Orangeville, Stewart’s Equipment, Kubota, Glenn Windrem Trucking, Paul Howse and Associates, Foodland of Hillsburgh, John Teune Engines, FierceWraps.ca, Dutchboy Carpet Cleaning, Specialized Welding, LaRue’s Haulage and Georgia Beck Brooms Super Stock out front. Bentley slipped into second as Lapcevich tagged the back of Grubb.

Lapcevich took the third spot on Lap 2 with Semple getting alongside Grubb for fourth. Semple was able to take the spot a lap later, bringing McFerran through with him as Temple got into the back of Archibald mid-pack. Grubb now ran sixth, with Joe Adams alongside Zevenbergen for seventh at Lap 5. Adams got the spot a lap later ahead of Zevenbergen, with Archibald up to ninth ahead of Troback, Lawrence and Temple.

The Sauble Speedway regulars continued to battle as Adams got alongside Grubb for sixth at Lap 8, completing the pass two laps later with Zevenbergen getting alongside Grubb for seventh. The pair battled all the way till the second caution flew at Lap 12 for Semeraro going around in turn four. Under caution, both Morrison and Liscum headed down pit road. With 38 laps to go, Howse led Bentley, Lapcevich, Semple, McFerran, Adams, Grubb, Zevenbergen and Archibald.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Howse and Bentley, with Howse taking the top spot on Lap 12 ahead of Bentley, Lapcevich, Semple and McFerran. Joe Adams slipped into sixth on Lap 14 ahead of Archibald as Lawrence and Zevenbergen battled behind them.

Troback then got alongside Troback for ninth at Lap 16, with the caution flying a lap later due to an incident in turn four. Semeraro hit McNicol Jr., causing both to spin with Nuhn getting a good piece of McNicol Jr. Under caution, Archibald made his way down pit road with a broken tie rod.

Howse got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Bentley, Semple and Lapcevich as McFerran ran side-by-side with Adams for fifth. The battle included contact, though, as Adams tagged the back of McFerran on Lap 19. There were battles through the field as behind them, Zevenbergen and Lawrence ran side-by-side for seventh at Lap 19, with Troback and Passer side-by-side for ninth.

On Lap 23, McFerran was able to clear Adams for fifth, as Zevenbergen and Lawrence continued to run side-by-side for seventh. Behind them, Passer moved up into ninth at Lap 35 ahead of Geniole Jr. and Troback. Geniole Jr. then got alongside Passer for ninth a lap later, with Legge getting alongside Troback for 11th at Lap 27. Just outside the top-10, Cybalski ran 12th as Temple and Kendra Adams battled for 13th.

Zevenbergen was able to get the seventh spot on Lap 29 ahead of Lawrence as Geniole Jr. began to slow with a problem. Lawrence was able to pass Zevenbergen back for the spot before the caution flew at Lap 30 for Geniole Jr. stopped on the backstretch.

The restart saw a battle for the lead with Howse and Bentley side-by-side, as Lapcevich ran third ahead of Semple and McFerran. Outside of the top-five, Lawrence and Zevenbergen continued their battled for sixth, with Lawrence getting the spot on Lap 34. Legge got alongside Zevenbergen for seventh a lap later, but the caution flew for an incident in turn two involving Adams, Troback, Archibald and McNicol Jr.

The restart saw the battle for the lead continue between Howse and Bentley as Lapcevich ran third ahead of Semple and McFerran. On Lap 38, Bentley put the No. 21 GL Manufacturing, ThringCo., Streamline Race Products, Creative Edge and Bentley Motorsports Super Stock out front ahead of Howse.

Behind them, Semple got alongside Lapcevich for third ahead of McFerran at Lap 39, with the caution flying a lap later due to debris in turn three. With 10 laps to go, Bentley led Howse, Lapcevich, Semple, McFerran, Joe Adams, Legge, Lawrence, Cybalski, Zevenbergen and Passer.

The restart saw the battle for the lead continue between Bentley and Howse, with the pair making contact off of turn four and then going into turn one. The contact slowed both cars up on the bottom, allowing Lapcevich to put the No. 32 CASTROL, CATHCART TRUCKING, SPRINGERS MEATS, EPIC RACEWEAR AND TROY COVE MARINE Super Stock out front on Lap 42.

Bentley now ran side-by-side with Semple for second, taking the spot on Lap 43. Howse was now back to fourth ahead of McFerran, with Legge and Adams side-by-side for sixth. Their battle didn’t go smoothly, as contact was made resulting Legge going around on the backstretch for the caution.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Lapcevich and Bentley as Howse moved into third ahead of Semple, McFerran and Zevenbergen.

The leaders ran side-by-side through the final five laps, with Matt Bentley edging out Treyten Lapcevich by 0.091 seconds to pick up the victory. Jordan Howse finished third, followed by Ryan Semple and Brandon McFerran. Jake Zevenbergen finished sixth, followed by Kris Lawrence, Kendra Adams, Paul Geniole Jr. and Brandon Passer.

Dennis Cybalski finished 11th, followed by Nic Troback, Keith Temple, Tyler Liscum, Stefan Semeraro, Jason Legge, Kent Nuhn, Hudson Nagy, Johnny Morrison and Ken Grubb.

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