David Balych Set to Return to OSCAAR in 2016


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Following a successful rookie season, David Balych is set to return to the OSCAAR Modified Series this coming season.

“The intention going into the every season is to compete in every points race.  The same holds true for the 2016 OSCAAR Modified season baring any major setbacks,” he said. “We’ll focus on the OSCAAR tour and not do any other races due to time and budget constraints.  I also have to fit in my sons Nicholas and Michael’s Waterloo Regional karting schedule. Looks like we’ll be doing eight of those races as well.”

Last season, Balych had an impressive rookie campaign that was highlighted by three heat victories and four feature top-10 finishes.

“I enjoyed the change of scenery and had fun for the first time in a couple seasons,” he said. “It was time for a change and I was and still am impressed with the way OSCAAR operates.  We started out pretty competitive last season but then lost our way throwing too many changes at the car.  I decided not to mess with the ride heights and stayed at the previous settings to not affect the roll center.”

Now going into the new year, he hopes to have even more success after making some critical changes throughout the off-season thus far.

“I’m expecting a better season this year in terms of both results and points standings,” he said. “I’ve made a deal to trade my remaining two TQ Midgets and all the parts for a newer 09 Troyer chassis; I’ve even sold the modified I ran last year already.  With only one car in the garage and less equipment to trip over, I can focus solely on the modified and my new OSCAAR duties as a Vice President.”

Balych feels the new car is the way to go as he was going to have to make some considerable changes to the old car to go in the direction that he wanted.

“(If) I stayed with last year’s car, I was going to have to drop it down, change the ride heights, change the front springs, change the roll center and rebuild the shocks according,” he said. “The newer car is already configured to run the lower ride heights.  I’m hoping we quickly find a good baseline setup I’m comfortable with and go from there.”

If he is going to be successful, though, he will have to find a way to do it through OSCAAR’s new championship format, as the sanctioning body moved from a full-season points layout to a Chase/elimination format for 2016.

“Personally I’m a fan of every race counting equally for the championship.  The driver/car with the most points at the end of the year is the champion,” Balych said. “However saying that, I see the marketing and fan excitement potential of the new chase format so I’m more than willing to give it a chance.  Hopefully I’ll make the cut for the final races but if not, a solid season with no disasters is fine by me.”

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