Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Mike Robinson Jr. and Lightning McQueen Set to Rock Sunset Speedway


As Originally Published on OnPitRoad.com

There are many fans who have watched the movie Cars and fell in love with the No. 95 red stockcar immediately. Well, for some fans, they can experience their love for Lightning McQueen at Sunset Speedway, virtue of Mike Robinson Jr.

A couple years ago, he caught the attention of fans with the iconic look, featuring the lightning bolt and all. Many fans started coming up to Robinson during the autograph sessions, while cheering for the simple reason that he reminded them of their on-screen hero.

Those fans will get to do that once again in 2016, as Robinson Jr. is bringing Lightning McQueen to Sunset Speedway, set to run the full schedule from the end of April to mid-September in search of victories and perhaps a championship crown. On top of that, Robinson shared that the team plans to run some events at both Sauble Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

Hopefully, if all goes right, it’ll be a clean season without much damage or marks on Lightning’s flashy red paint. Beyond that, though, Robinson shared that he expects “to be competitive and win some races and have fun”.

It’d mark a great turnaround as last year didn’t go smoothly, with three DNFs to start off the season. However, through mid-July, it seemed that he hit on something, as the finishes started coming his way. From July 19 to September 5, Robinson posted six top-six feature finishes, including a runner-up, across seven feature laps. There were also times it looked as though Robinson would be headed to victory lane, leading laps.

After the struggles that hindered last season, Robinson admits that he is “looking to move forward and have a great 2016 season” with success across the board.

Though in route to doing that, he’s going to have fun with his family, while promoting the proud sponsors on board his ride. In the process, that’ll involve spending time with the fans, which is something that he has no problem doing as people love the ride, and “if you don’t have any of them, I couldn’t do what I love to do, which is race stock cars”.

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