Gary McLean Scores Second Straight Hoosier OSCAAR Modified Victory at Sunset Speedway


Following his victory in the Chase for the Colors event earlier this month, Gary McLean continued his winning ways on Saturday night, scoring the victory in the Hoosier OSCAAR Modified feature.

The night started off a little messy with A.J. Emms spinning in turn two after contact with Davey Terry. Then on lap eight, Monty Kelly would go around on the backstretch. Mike Hearty picked up the win ahead of Terry Baker, Gary McLean, Dustin Jackson, John Harper, Terry, Cory Horner, David Balych, Kelly and Emms.

Brian McLean picked up the victory in the second heat ahead of Brad Pearsall, Gary Elliott, Chris Milwain, Matt Barton, John Baker Jr., Dave Lewis and Duane Cinnamon.

Gary McLean won the third heat ahead of Terry, Harper, Price, Brian McLean, Balych, Kelly, Cinnamon and Milwain.

The final heat would see a spin by Hearty with two laps to go. Cory Horner picked up the win ahead of Jackson, Pearsall, Baker, Barton, Baker Jr., Elliott, Lewis, Hearty and Emms.

Come feature time, Cory Horner would start the No. 79H The Truck Shop SAFETY Inspection, Custom Forming, Bonsma Brothers Concrete Plumbing Modified ahead of John Harper, Mike Hearty, Terry Baker, Brian McLean, Brad Pearsall, Gary McLean, Davey Terry, Matt Barton, Chris Milwain, Dustin Jackson, Dan Price, John Baker Jr., David Balych, Monty Kelly, Duane Cinnamon, Dave Lewis, A.J. Emms and Gary Elliott.

Horner would jump out to the early lead ahead of Harper and Hearty as Gary and Brian McLean battled for fourth. Gary would grab the spot, getting alongside Hearty for third on lap five, and taking the spot. McLean would then get alongside Harper for second, taking the spot on lap seven.

McLean’s climb to the front of the field would be complete on lap nine, as he put the No. 8 McLean Industrial Design & Fabrication Ltd. and McLean Farms Modified out front on lap nine. Horner slipped back to second ahead of Harper, Hearty, Brian McLean and Terry. Brian McLean would then get alongside Hearty for fourth on lap 11, taking the spot three laps later. Terry would then get by Hearty a lap later for the fifth spot.

At the front of the field, Gary McLean continued to lead ahead of Horner, Harper, Brian McLean, Terry, Hearty, Pearsall, Barton, Milwain, Baker, Price, Jackson, Kelly, Baker Jr., Emms and Elliott. Terry would then get alongside Brian McLean for fourth at lap 19, but was unable to clear him to the spot as he fell back in line two laps later.

With 2/3 of the feature in the books, the leaders began to work lap traffic. Though as the third and fourth place car looked to get by the lapped vehicle of Dave Lewis, he would get loose off of turn four. The result would be a pile-up of damaged cars on the front stretch that’d include Lewis, Brian McLean, Hearty, Horner, Balych, Pearsall and Terry. Needless to say the drivers weren’t pleased as one driver stressed that drivers in the rear of the field have “got to hold their line”. Another one of the drivers suggested that Lewis should race a Mini Stock after causing the incident.

Sorting out the running order afterwards, Gary McLean led Harper, Baker, Price, Kelly, Baker Jr., Emms, Barton, Milwain, Jackson, Elliott, Hearty, Balych and Cinnamon.

Gary McLean would get a good restart to maintain the lead ahead of Harper as Baker and Price battled for third. Behind them, Kelly would run side-by-side with Baker Jr. for the fifth spot. Though in turn two, his good run came to an end as he’d spin on lap 26.

Gary McLean would get a good restart to lead the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of John Harper.

“Everybody said last year that it must be because of the built motor deal, so we switched to the 602 crate and I got to say that I’m pretty happy with it,” McLean commented in victory lane. “The guys work hard on this thing every week and it shows.”

Matt Barton made a late-race charge to finish third ahead of Dan Price, Chris Milwain, Dustin Jackson, Terry Baker, John Baker Jr., A.J. Emms, Mike Hearty, Gary Elliott, Monty Kelly, Duane Cinnamon and David Balych.

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