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Cameron McGlashan Picks Up Second Career Feature Victory

cameronmcglashanINNISFIL, Ontario — For the second time this year, Cameron McGlashan would visit Sunset Speedway victory lane as the rookie won the Signs of Innovation Mighty Mini feature on Saturday night.

“It’s been crazy,” McGlashan said in victory lane. “We’ve been working hard on it all week. I figured, ‘We’re second in points. Let’s go out and win and the points will take care of themselves’. That’s what everybody said.”

McGlashan started off the night in victory lane, winning his qualifying heat to qualify for the feature. He would then draw the pole for the 20-lap feature.

Starting from the pole, he would jump out to the early lead, set on crusing to victory. It wouldn’t be that easy, as some cautions throughout the feature set-up some crucial restarts. McGlashan was able to nail each of the restarts, continuing to maintain the lead.

He then held off Mike Robinson Jr. through the middle and late stage en route to scoring the victory.

“So we came out, unloaded and the car was fast,” McGlashan commented. “We tried to make a quick adjustment – went the wrong way, so we put it back the way it was.

“I’ve been on the phone all day with Bryan Walt in Peterborough. We’ve been making adjustments over the phone and it has been great. This car can go, but it turns so good – it’s so nice; it’s amazing.”

The notable high heat produced slick conditions on track, which falls right into McGlashan’s wheel-house as he admits that he likes a loose car.

“You can’t do anything with a tight car,” he commented. “Loose – you can move up, whatever.”

It marks his second victory in the past three weeks as so far this month, he has finished first, fourth and first in the three features.

“They always say the first one is the hardest so once you get the first one out of the way, it’s easy from here, I guess,” he said. “It’s a great car and I’m having fun this year. Can’t thank everybody enough for the help.”

As a result, he was able to gain points in the championship standings, only three points now behind Treyten Lapcevich.

Cameron McGlashan and McGlashan Motorsports thank England Enterprises, ORVauto, Taylor Drywalling & Taping, Express Yourself Décor for the continued support this season.

McGlashan will return to Sunset Speedway on August 29 in search of more success. The full schedule can be seen at

Keep up with Cameron McGlashan and McGlashan Motorsports by liking their facebook page at and following Cameron McGlashan on twitter at

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