Jade Franklin Looking to Bounce Back on Saturday Night

jadefranklinFollowing a crazy weekend last week, Jade Franklin is hoping to bounce back this weekend at Sunset Speedway.

Last weekend, he started off the weekend on a strong note with a fourth place finish in his heat, but found himself at the wrong end of an incident in the Fast Qualifer’s Dash. At the start of the fast qualifier’s dash, the driver starting in the second spot would not go due to a mechanical problem. Franklin would try to move down from behind him at the same time as Coe, resulting in the pair coming together with the right side of Franklin’s car up on top of the left side of Coe’s car. The pair would remain connected heading into turn one, with Franklin’s car rolling upside down off of Coe’s car.

“It was crazy,” Franklin commented of the incident. “I thought I was going to save it – I thought I was coming back down and I hit the banking and it just fell over.”

Franklin would climb out of the car, unhurt in the incident. The team went to the work, having the car ready for the feature. He would then post a solid 14th place finish.

Putting last weekend aside, the 12-year-old has continued to get stronger over the past month, running inside the top-10 during the features.

“It’s gone better than I thought it would,” he commented on how things have gone. “I’m still figuring out the car and learning, but it’s gone well.”

There were nights during the end of July where it looked as he would finish in the top-10, but a late incident would take him out of the running. Despite that, the young man feels pride in his progress, acknowledging what he has learned thus far and the learning that is left to get even stronger.

“I’m learning a lot running out with the guys that they have over the years and it seems to helping a lot,” he commented. “This is just a stepping stone for me and learning this year and next year, hopefully we have a good year.”

While the features haven’t gone as planned, the learning progress has shown through in the races prior to the feature, as he has a heat win and a pair of b-main wins to his credit. When it came to the first win last month, Franklin says “it meant a lot” and “felt so good”. It also seemed to offer an added boost of confidence now heading into the final two months of the season.

“I got the first win and then the next day I woke and went, ‘Alright, today, I want to get another win’, he said. “Hopefully we can get another one.”

Franklin will be behind the wheel of the No. 31 Destination RV, Alco Tire, Nitro Industrial Sales, Elite Graphics & Marketing, North River Motorsports and King’s Marine Super Stock on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway. Details can be found, with tickets available for purchase at

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