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Jade Franklin Rolls Over in Super Stock Competition at Sunset Speedway

jadefranklinINNISFIL, Ontario — Despite going for a roll-over during the Fast Qualifier’s Dash, Jade Franklin would make it out for the feature, putting forth a strong effort.

Franklin started off the night solidly, finishing fourth in his heat to qualify for the feature and set him up to run the Fast Qualifer’s Dash. At the start of the fast qualifier’s dash, the driver starting in the second spot would not go due to a mechanical problem. Franklin would try to move down from behind him at the same time as Coe, resulting in the pair coming together with the right side of Franklin’s car up on top of the left side of Coe’s car. The pair would remain connected heading into turn one, with Franklin’s car rolling upside down off of Coe’s car.

“It was crazy,” Franklin commented of the incident. “I thought I was going to save it – I thought I was coming back down and I hit the banking and it just fell over.”

As far as what went through his mind as he sat upside down, he said, “Everybody is like, ‘Keep talking to me. Are you alright?’. I’m like, ‘I’m good’. Then I feel kind of bad because as they tried to pull me out, my HANS got stuck on the bars so I was like, ‘Oh man…’.”

Franklin would climb out of the car, unhurt in the incident.

To view the whole flip as it happened, from where it started to Franklin ending up on his roof, feel free to view the full 31 photo series that is available at

Immediately following the incident, the Jaded Motorsports team went to work in the pits on repairs to have the No. 31 Destination RV, Alco Tire, Nitro Industrial Sales, Elite Graphics & Marketing, North River Motorsports and King’s Marine Super Stock ready for the 30-lap feature. Their work would pay off as the repairs would be done by the start.

Starting at the tail end of the field, Franklin ran comfortably there for the first couple of laps to make sure everything was ready to go. He then started working his way through the field, running 15th at the halfway mark. He would then avoid the trouble that happened through the second half of the feature, including a furry of six cautions, to cross the line in the 14th spot.

Franklin will look for success this weekend at Sunset Speedway, hoping to score a top-10 finish. Details and tickets can be purchased via

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