Race Reports

Cameron McGlashan Scores First Career Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

Despite being challenged over the course of the final laps of the feature, Cameron McGlashan was able to hold off all challengers en route to scoring his first career feature victory at Sunset Speedway.

The action for the Signs of Innovation Mighty Minis didn’t start off cleanly with Chandler Bos and Stefan Semeraro making contact on the second lap of the first heat, resulting in Semeraro spinning and Josh Inglis being collected. McGlashan picked up the win ahead of Rick Drinkwater, Brandon Passer, Doug Wilman and Semeraro.

Treyten Lapcevich won the second heat ahead of Nick St. Onge, Chris Allard, Mike Robinson Jr., Randi Seguin, Thomas Dunn, Ken Townsend, Lisa DeLeeuw, Glenn Lloyd, Peter Wakeling and Joe Dunlop.

Treyten Lapcevich would go for the daily double, winning the Fast Qualifier’s Dash ahead of St. Onge, Allard, Robinson Jr., Drinkwater, Passer, Semeraro, Seguin, Rainey, Dunn and Wilman.

The b-main wouldn’t go smoothly as Holmes blowing the motor. Then, Dunlop would also run into mechanical issues at lap eight while DeLeeuw pulled off the same lap. Josh Inglis picked up the win ahead of Bos, Charlie Smith, Toope, Woyslaw, Adams, Lloyd and Wakeling.

Come feature time, Nick St. Onge would grab the lead early behind the wheel of the No. 00 St. Onge Recreation entry after starting on the pole. He would lead the first three laps till the caution flew for Peter Wakeling running into problems in turn two. With 17 laps to go, St. Onge led Cameron McGlashan, Robert Toope, Brandon Passer, Josh Inglis, Charlie Smith, Chris Allard, Thomas Dunn, Stefan Semeraro, Randi Seguin, Stefan Woyslaw, Eric Rainey, Rick Drinkwater, Treyten Lapcevich, Wendy Adams, Chandler Bos, Glenn Lloyd, Doug Wilman, Mike Robinson Jr., Lisa DeLeeuw, Ken Townsend and Wakeling.

St. Onge would retain the lead on the restart ahead of McGlashan, Passer, Smith and Toope as Allard and Semeraro battled for sixth. Allard would get the spot, and then pass Toope for fifth at lap seven.

Semeraro would look to follow him through, but would make contact with Toope, resulting in a spin by Toope and the second caution. With 12 laps to go, St. Onge led McGlashan, Passer, Smith, Allard, Drinkwater, Lapcevich, Inglis, Robinson Jr., Woyslaw, Seguin, Dunn, Rainey, Adams, Bos, DeLeeuw, Lloyd, Wilman, Toope, Semeraro and Townsend.

St. Onge would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of McGlashan and Passer, but the caution would fly for Adams spinning on the frontstretch.

St. Onge would get another good restart as McGlashan ran second ahead of Passer and Allard. McGlashan would then get alongside for St. Onge for the lead with seven laps to go, putting the No. 83 England Enterprises, ORVauto, Taylor Drywalling & Taping, Express Yourself Décor Mustang into the lead at lap 14. St. Onge would slip back to second ahead of Allard as Lapcevich and Passer battled for fourth. Lapcevich would grab the spot on lap 15 ahead of Passer, Smith, Robinson Jr., Seguin and Inglis.

Looking to gain as much ground as possible, Allard would bounce off of the front stretch wall, but was able to keep going. The caution would fly shortly after, though, for Woyslaw spinning in turn four. With three laps to go, McGlashan led St. Onge, Allard, Lapcevich, Passer, Smith, Robinson Jr., Seguin, Inglis, Bos, Rainey, Semeraro, Dunn and Toope.

Cameron McGlashan would get a good restart to keep the lead, leaving Allard and St. Onge to battle for second. Cameron would then lead the rest of the way en route to scoring his first career feature victory. Chris Allard finished second ahead of Lapcevich, Robinson Jr., Smith, Inglis, Bos, Rainey, Passer, Semeraro, Toope, Dunn, Wilman, Woyslaw, DeLeeuw, Adams and Lloyd. Notably, Passer fell back in the late stages as a result of contact with St. Onge with two laps to go.

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