Race Reports

Cayden Lapcevich Wins Garry Reynolds Memorial 50 at Sunset Speedway

On the eve of his third NASCAR Canadian Tire Series start, Cayden Lapcevich strapped behind the wheel of his familiar ride, finding his way to victory lane by the end of the Garry Reynolds Memorial 50.

Starting at the front, Randy Rusnell would grab the early advantage and look headed to his first victory of the 2015 campaign. However, that wouldn’t be the case on Friday night.

Over the course of the 50 lap feature, Brendan Adams kept getting stronger and was able to wheel in for Rusnell. Adams got alongside Rusnell set to make the pass when the caution would fly. On the restart, Adams looked set to finish off what he started, but contact from Matt Bentley would result in Adams getting down into the inside wall and the race for the win being over. The caution would then fly.

Throughout the event to this point, Lapcevich had played his cards smart and kept progressing towards the front of the field, putting himself in position to capitalize. He was able to do just that as on the restart, he was able to get by Rusnell for the lead and score the victory.

It marks Lapcevich’s second victory of the 2015 season, and the second straight for the No. 76 Tim Hortons team as Brandon McFerran drove the car to victory lane the previous weekend. Rusnell scored his second straight runner-up, with Shawn Chenoweth rounding out the podium after out-dueling Lane Zardo at the end of the event. Joe Adams finished fifth, followed by Ryan Semple.

The night didn’t start off cleanly with Rob Morrison taking a trip through the turn four grass. 2015 Hoosier Spring Velocity winner Matt Bentley took the victory ahead of Dave Doucette, Randy Rusnell, Lane Zardo, Shawn Chenoweth, Kent Constable, Joe Adams, Tyler Liscum, Coltin Everingham and William Hughes.

Sunset Speedway regular Ryan Semple won the second heat ahead of the Mitchell Miljanovic, Ken Grubb, Dwight Bell, Dan Archibald, Adam Martin, Nick Tooley, Kevin Gallant and Bradley Holt.

The third heat saw a quick caution with Chris Howse and Paul Allard going around in turn two. 2014 Sunset Speedway Champion Lapcevich won the heat ahead of Brendan Adams, Johnny Morrison, Luke Gignac, Allard, the 3, Howse and Bryan Penny.

With over 28 cars on the property, a b-main would be run to set the back half of the field. The first b-main didn’t go cleanly as Jason Elliott stalled on lap one, while Shawn Goggins went up in smoke on lap two. Then on lap three, Tooley would stop in turn four. Sauble Speedway regular Joe Adams grabbed the victory ahead of Gallant, Howse, Penny, Everingham, Rob Morrison, Holt, Hughes and Tooley.

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