Bone Stocks

Ryan D’Antimo Ready to Dip Feet into Bone Stock Division

From a young age, Ryan D’Antimo has been surrounded by racing. whether watching NASCAR on TV or looking at the photos that hung on the wall of his grandfather or father. His own interest in the sport continued to grow with his grandfather taking him out into the garage, and will finally get a chance to show on track this season.

After watching his uncle Jason D’Antimo battle in the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock division last year at Sunset Speedway, Ryan will get behind the wheel in the Grassroots Performance Bone Stock class for 2019.

“My family has been excited since last year,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “It was the first year out in a long time. My grandfather raced many years ago back at Pinecrest when it first started; my dad also raced years ago at Sunset in the Late Model division. So now being the third generation to come back, it’s really exciting. I got to watch my uncle race all last year in the Mini Stock and he did really well, so it’s going to be good to have my own car this year.”

With having never been behind the wheel himself, D’Antimo turned to the Bone Stock division, figuring it’d be best to work from the bottom to the top of the ranks.

“Being the easiest division with less requirements, it just makes building the car easy and not be impeding other drivers above my skill level,” he added.

Entering the year, he says the focus is running on the full schedule at Sunset Speedway, and keeping the car in one piece through the entire duration of the season.

“You can’t work on the car if you’re fixing it every weekend,” he commented. “It’s almost a different car every time you take it out. So being a new driver and having the same car each week out, it’ll be better in helping me learn.”

As the year goes on, though, he has left the door open for his team to travel to other tracks in the province.

Seeing D’Antimo join the Bone Stock ranks just continues to see the division grow as it enters it’s second year at the Innisfil, Ontario.

“We raced all last year in the Mini Stock division, and saw the amount of cars and turnout,” he commented. “Also, at the meeting, we saw a lot of new faces so it looks like it’s going to be a really exciting year.”

For those who want to get involved just like he is, the advice is simple – come out and see the action for yourself.

“That was the biggest moment for me,” he said. “When I got to see you didn’t need millions of dollars in sponsors, it was just average people like me who had the time to work on the cars. So the biggest piece of advice would be to just get yourself in the door and see what it’s about.”


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