Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Cory McAllister’s Never Give Up Attitude Leads to Successful Season

After blowing up during the first practice of the season, things would get better as the year went for Cory McAllister with strong runs across the province to make for a memorable season.

Photo Courtesy of John Brown

“Although the crew never gave up, we worked and worked and kept testing every week till we found the speed we needed to compete,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We went from being a lap car the season before to being able to run up front. Finishing the season off with three feature wins, multiple top-three’s. third overall in points, second at Frostoberfest, and 10th at Autumn Colours. It was a blast.”

With statistics like that, it’s clear to see why McAllister has several memorable moments from 2018, starting with his first third-place feature finish and remembering it felt like a win.

“I remember saying to Mike, ‘Wow, that’s just like a win right there; we have finally found speed in this thing,'” he recalled. “The next would be our first career win on July 29 when Brian Wilson met me at the car to congratulate us. He had helped me so much with advice up to that point and for him to be right there was quite memorable. The last one would be our first win with my wife Jen and little guy Kayne there; she supports the team so much and was awesome for her to be there for a win.”

McAllister knows there’s more room for improvement, and feels his team can get there by continuing to work hard in the shop, and testing more.

“We are just getting going,” he stated. “We have a team that will work around the clock to make sure we win, as well as a driver to just stay focused hit the marks and keep digging.”

Though while the promise shown with the Mini Stock is nice, the big focus on McAllister has been the announcement that he will be moving up to Super Stock, driving the No. 89c previously owned by Shawn Chenoweth.

Photo Courtesy of John Brown

“We are very excited to have teamed up with SCR,” McAllister commented. “To enter in to a new class in my mind, you need good equipment and we feel we have some of the best to compete. Just to work with Shawn will be great as the man knows race cars inside and out, as well as the tracks and I can’t wait to learn everything I can.”

Entering 2019, McAllister says that the focus will be winning as he “always jokes around and says, ‘Who loads a car and goes to the track to want to finish last?'” He understands that it may take awhile for the wins to come, but he won’t give up till he gets there.

For McAllister, he got started in racing as a car owner during the 2017 season, and by July, he had his own car.

“I couldn’t sit in the stands and watch; I had to be out there,” he said.

For his success this year, McAllister would like to thank everyone on his crew, as well as the crews that pit around him at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

“Thanks to everyone at Full Throttle Speedway for such a great season overall,” he added. “As well thank you to Peterborough and Flamboro Speedways for everything during the playoffs. 2019 prep has already started and I can’t wait to get strapped in and testing at every track in Ontario!”


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